About EQUINE BEHAVIOUR BAG216 Online Course
The study of horse behaviour is central to understanding how to train horses. Equine behavioural knowledge is at the basis of any successful horse trainer and system. The excellent horse trainers such as Ray Hunt and Monty Roberts for example are all expert behaviourists whose deep understanding enables them to transfer this knowledge to the practical ability of handling horses. While this course doesn't guarantee to turn you into a horse whisperer, it will help obtain a practical and basic understanding of horse psychology and behavioural problems. This course is offered as a 100 hr online course or a correspondence course with online assignment upload and self paced flexible learning. Payment Plans available. Learn more with this link: http://www.careerlinecourses.com.au/equine-behaviour-courses-online-distance-learning.htm
EQUINE BEHAVIOUR BAG216 Online Course Contact Details
Phone:07 5536 8783
Fax:02 6678 1020
NSW 2485

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