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The Barf Shop


Our Super Twin Tank Deluxe hydrobath is our most popular model. It enables you to wash and rinse continuously. The hydrobath features a heater with thermostat contol, auto fill float device and a filter-strainer. The Holding tank is sealed from the wash tank so clean heated water is used all the time.  Holding tank capacity: 30 litres, Wash tank capacity: 10 litres. Environment Friendly - Water Efficient!

Available in 9 colours.

Our single tank bath with powder coated galvanised trolley. Single tank (30 litres), slding door, heater, adjustable thermostat, filter, auto fill. Designed for the budget concious. The tank is emptied and refilled between washes. Great for home use with the added benefit of attaching your hose to the auto fill float valve which means you can walk away and come back when your bath has filled. (Also available un-heated).

Available in 9 colours.

Australian Made Groomer's Tub

The Solid Stainless Steel Groomer's Tub with Ramp will never rust. A Pet Tub that will last a lifetime! The walk through design with ramp makes entry into the tub much easier on groomers and pets. The ramp is removable when not required.  Made of 1.6mm stainless steel for strength and durability. High back and sides protect against splashed and shaken water.  The Groomer's Tub is the perfect setup for grooming salons and kennels where the preferred method of washing is by mains water. It can also be adapted to mobile use with the addition of a gas or electric hot water tank.


The Barf Shop specialises in manufacturing polyethylene hydrobaths and other pet grooming products. We offer complete range of products for pet grooming industry within Australia and Internationally. Over the past years, we have gained valuable experience and required knowledge to build the best hydrobaths currently on the market.

We are the only manufacturer of the polyethylene hydrobaths. We have chosen and continue to use polyethylene because of number of advantages it offers when compared to fiber glass hydrobaths.

  • Innovative Hydrobaths!
  • Unique Poly Design!
  • Factory Direct to you!
phone: 1300 654 863
fax: 07 3613 9631
address: GOLD COAST


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