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Congratulations on seeking out the best start for your new addition to the family. While traditionally training was often left until a puppy was 6-12 months old, research now proves the very best age to start all the serious stuff (broken down of course!) is from 8 weeks old. As techniques have now evolved well above the also very traditional choker chain / smacking / yelling / yanking your dog into 'good behaviour'; starting training at such a young age is very fun, as well as being both an integral part in bonding you and your puppy for life, and preventing nasty adult behavioural issues.

One on one puppy sessions are designed for new puppy families looking for the very best start in training for their new addition. Whether their concerns be toilet training, tempering separation anxiety, preventing unwanted biting, behavioural prevention, managing puppy chewing, obedience training, or new puppy owners needing experienced and professional care and advice on all aspects of being a puppy parent, Canine Behaviourist Melissa Bruce is there to help.

Each session is highly focused on training the puppy's family in correct techniques to bring a well behaved, well integrated member of the family.

The term ‘prevention is better than cure’ is the simplest reason to start so young with your dog.  Instead of spending the next 6 - 12 months building bad habits, why not learn the best ways to permanently shape your puppy's behaviour to suit your lifestyle?

While a well balanced puppy class can be attended, they are best considered a fun introduction to puppyhood (which ends within a few short months) rather than a quality training solution.

The important side of in home sessions is found in the ability to see your dog in its own area, walk you both through the whole training process step by step, fit solutions to your own unique situation and puppy, and actively prevent behavioral problems as your puppy grows up.

As with all training completed under Melissa’s guidance, the biggest focus will always be on teaching the owners how to train their own puppies. The effect of a training session is designed to last long into the future. Don't wait to find a million little teeth marks in your favourite sofa, book your first training session in today.

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