About APDT
The Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia APDT membership is open to all dog enthusiasts and care givers which includes but is not limited to shelter workers boarding kennel staff doggy day care dog walkers and play groups groomers veterinary nurses veterinarians and those who just love dogs. APDT Australia promotes positive reward based training methods to create dogs that are lifelong companions through a relationship built on mutual trust and respect. Our mission is to enhance the human-dog relationship by educating trainers other animal professionals and the public as well as advocating dog friendly training. Our aim is to educate dog trainers and the dog owning public. Check out our website for events in your state and dont miss our 3 day ANNUAL CONFERENCE in October each year. Once you go to one you will keep coming back for more. With highly respected international and Australian presenters who all are advocates of force free positive reward based training.
APDT Contact Details
P.O BOX 3122
NSW 2200

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