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Crest Seeds has arranged with Goldmix to launch their high quality bird seed mixes and grains into retail stores. Blends are manufactured in Toowoomba with mixes formulated with the assistance of bird breeders.  Packages are 1kg, 2kg, 4kg & 20kg bags. Goldmix prices are very competitive.


The team at Crest Seeds sets an extremely high standard for product quality, manufacturing efficiency and are totally committed to achieving industry-best practice. Their continual assessment of the product range safeguards the end result of supplying superior materials.   


Bird seed mixes available include: 

Budgie, Canary, Finch, Parrot, Pigeon, Small Parrot, Wildbird.
Breeders mixes are manufactured for budgie, canary, finch, and parrot.


Machine dressed grains multi-staged cleaned are:

Barley,  Canary, Oats, Hulled oats, Lupins, Maize, Panicum, Panorama,

Red Panicum, Safflower, Sorghum, Black & Greystripe Sunflowers, Wheat,

White french millet, Dunfield peas, Maple peas, Mungbeans and Vetch.

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