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The Field Spaniel is one of the dog worlds best kept secrets, hidden under a noble and beautiful exterior is a loving, funny companion and a skilled, intelligent hunter. 

Part of this breed’s lack of fame is due to the extremely low number registered in the world.  Originally breed in England as a medium sized, yet substantial, hunting spaniel, this dog would enthusiastically work all day in heavy brush or in the water. 

The Field Spaniel remains an excellent working spaniel that is always impatient to wet down its webbed feet.  Now days, though, it is more often found in it’s favourite place, with it’s family.  Whether at home or in the field, this breed needs to be useful and can also excel at jobs such as obedience, therapy, tracking and agility. 

The silky, glossy coat is flat or slightly wavy, with long feathering on the ears, legs, under body and under the tail.  The Field Spaniel comes in many colours ranging from solid black, liver, roaning and tan marking on all of these.  In Australia, the most likely colours seen are Liver, Black, Blue Roan and Liver Roan.  Weekly brushing keeps the coat shiny and tangle free, but some trimming of the hair between the footpads and inside the ears may also be needed.  Read information about grooming your Field Spaniel pet or show dog.

The sturdy, well-balanced Field Spaniel averages 18” tall at the shoulders and weighs on average 25kg.  Although the Field Spaniel is wary of strangers and will bark an alarm, it is affectionate with its family and a good companion for children and other animals.  Early socialisation and training are essential for this breed, whose personality may range from reserved and attentive to devilish and independent.

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