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What people are saying about The NEW Pet Directory Classifieds

The NEW Pet Directory Classifieds

Our Pet Classifieds WORK!

"Pet Bird Classifieds work. I sold my birds aviaries within days. Free Australian pet classifieds if you register on Pet Directory." Clever Birds, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

"I got cages donated from my wanted ad on the Pet Classifieds. Great for the birds I care for as a wildlife carer." Alyson, North Sydney, NSW, Australia

"I got the best Chihuahua puppy off these classifieds from a registered breeder." Sarah, Western Suburbs, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"I searched all the classifieds before getting my Persian kitten from a breeder on the Pet Classifieds." Judith, Como West, Sydney, NSW, Australia

"I rehomed by pet cockatiel in a matter of days using The Pet Directory Pet Classifieds. I found him a wonderful home." John from QLD Gold Coast

"My ads have just gone up and I have had 5 guinea pig adoption enquiries through the Pet Directory already - so well worth the investment!" Maureen from The Cavy Cottage

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Welcome to the NEW Pet Directory Classifieds!

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for dogs, cats, birds, aquarium, guinea pigs (cavies), rabbits, rats, mice, farm animals: chooks and other poultry equipment and accessories, reptiles, horses and pony gear, wildlife needs and merchandise, all pet products both new and second hand. Click on a petlink to see classifieds for pet breeders or shelter pets needing a home.
Dog Section Cat Section Bird Section
Dog products and accessories for sale.
Dog and puppies classifieds.
Adopt a dog or puppy from animal shelters or buy from registered dog breeders. Purebred registered puppies or cross breed dogs for sale or adoption.
Cat products & accessories for sale.
Cat & kittens classifieds.
Buy purebred & moggie cats & kittens for sale through registered cat breeders or adopt a young or older cat from an animal shelter.
Bird products & accessories for sale.
Bird Breeder Classifieds
Hand reared pet & aviary parrots
Cockatiels, Budgerigars, Galahs etc
Canaries, Finches, Lovebirds, Conures
Aquarium Section Small Animals Section Farm Animals Section
Fish products & accessories for sale.
Aquarium Fish Classifieds
Fresh water tropical fish, goldfish
Guppies, Pleco, Cichlids etc
Fish tanks, aquarium accessories etc
Small pet products & accessories for sale.
Classifieds for Rabbits, Cavies or Guinea Pigs
Fancy Rats & Mice, Hermit Crabs
Hutches & Accessories
Farm animal products & accessories for sale.
Classifieds for Chooks, Poultry, Fowl, Rare Breeds Cattle, Jersey, Miniatures, African Boran Galloway, Lowline, Dexter, Hereford Highland, Brahman, Murray Grey etc
Horse Section Reptile Section  
Horse products & accessories for sale.
Classifieds for Miniature horses, Warmbloods, Shetlands, Quarter Horses, Standardbreds, Welsh Mountain Ponies, Pinto, Paint, Morgans, Palominos, Hanoverians, Haflingers, Saddlery, Tack, Accessories, Sulkies, Friesians & other breeds
Horse products & accessories for sale.
Classifieds for Pet snakes, lizards, tortoises
Enclosures, Tanks, Heaters
Stands, Accessories, Equipment


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The Pet Directory FREE pet classifieds where you can Buy or Sell or Adopt your dog or puppy, Buy, Sell or Adopt a rescue cat or kitten. If you are looking for a feathered friend or will to sell a bird you can find a hand reared or aviary birds in the Birds For Sale or Adoption in the Bird Classifieds. For furry friends such as cuddly rabbits you will find baby bunnies for sale or adoption.

Also in the Pet Classifieds are ferrets, guinea pigs, horses & ponies including miniature horses and ponies for sale or in need of a good home, donkeys, reptiles for sale such as snakes, lizards and turtles or tortoises as they are often called.

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Believe it or not you can buy rare tropical, saltwater or freshwater aquarium fish, delivered right to your door in special aquarium fish travel boxes which are specially designed to transport cichlids etc.

View dogs & puppies awaiting adoption at Australian rescue shelters in your local area and interstate. Some of these wonderful companion pets that can be delivered to you by pet transport. You will find purebred pedigree, rare pure breed, and mixed breed or cross breed dogs and puppies in the Dog Classifieds.

Find goats, cattle, pigs, sheep, alpaca, llama, and other rare breeds of livestock for sale in the Farm Classifieds.



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