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  Job Category Number of Jobs
view jobs Grooming 55
view jobs Pet / Aquarium Shop 10
view jobs Veterinary 4
view jobs Horse Related 4
view jobs Farming / Rural 0
view jobs Kennels & Catteries 1
view jobs Photography 0
view jobs Zoos / Theme Parks 0
view jobs Pet Minding 10
view jobs Clerical 0
view jobs Sales 8
view jobs Dog Trainers 3
view jobs Other 3
view jobs Volunteers 7

Career Opportunities
Career Category
Businesses Opportunities Available
Dog - Businesses Opportunities Available
Cat - Businesses Opportunities Available
Bird - Businesses Opportunities Available
Aquarium - Businesses Opportunities Available
Small Animal - Businesses Opportunities Available
Farm Animal - Businesses Opportunities Available
Horse - Businesses Opportunities Available
Reptile - Businesses Opportunities Available
Wildlife - Businesses Opportunities Available
Courses - Animal Related
Dog - Courses - Animal Related
Cat - Courses - Animal Related
Bird - Courses - Animal Related
Aquarium - Courses - Animal Related
Small Animal - Courses - Animal Related
Farm Animal - Courses - Animal Related
Horse - Courses - Animal Related
Reptile - Courses - Animal Related
Wildlife - Courses - Animal Related
Distribution Opportunities Available
Dog - Distribution Opportunities Available
Cat - Distribution Opportunities Available
Bird - Distribution Opportunities Available
Aquarium - Distribution Opportunities Available
Small Animal - Distribution Opportunities Available
Farm Animal - Distribution Opportunities Available
Horse - Distribution Opportunities Available
Reptile - Distribution Opportunities Available
Wildlife - Distribution Opportunities Available
Franchises related to animals
Dog - Franchises related to animals - General
Cat - Franchises related to animals - General
Bird - Franchises related to animals - General
Aquarium - Franchises related to animals - General
Small Animal - Franchises related to animals - General
Farm Animal - Franchises related to animals - General
Horse - Franchises related to animals - General
Reptile - Franchises related to animals - General
Wildlife - Franchises related to animals - General
Business Equipment
Dog - Business Equipment
Cat - Business Equipment
Bird - Business Equipment
Aquarium - Business Equipment
Small Animal - Business Equipment
Farm Animal - Business Equipment
Horse - Business Equipment
Reptile - Business Equipment
Wildlife - Business Equipment

Jobs with dogs are available on this page. Employment part time or full time in dog grooming salons and mobile dog grooming is available in city and regional areas including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart.

Pet Jobs and Horse Jobs or other Animal Jobs available in all states of Australia including NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, TAS, NT.

Dog Grooming International - Master groomer training
Dog Grooming International | Master Groomer Training


Getting a job in Dog Grooming is easy if you follow a) some simple steps and b) try to understand the dog groomer employer's position vacancy in depth and where they are coming from.

Understanding your dog grooming employer

Dog Groomers often start out as one person units. As their business grows they need to either turn away new business or take on dog grooming staff. Often they have never before been an employer so they may be new at this. Job seekers need to keep that in mind if they apply for a job with a groomer who is employing for the first time. Some however are in quite the opposite position, they have taken on many full or part time dog groomers and for various reasons it has not worked out well for them.

If you try to put yourself as a job seeker into the employer's position you will find that your job application and interview will have a greater chance of success.

Steps to follow when applying for a job as a dog groomer

  1. Have a simple one page resume and mail it to dog groomers in the areas you can conveniently travel to with a short covering letter with our name and contact details.
  2. Follow up your letter with a phone call. Ask the grooming salon or mobile dog grooming company if they received it. Tell them some of the main points in your cover letter / resume. Tell them why you want to groom for them and why you think you would be a good asset to their business.
  3. If you gain a job interview make sure that you find out as much about the grooming company beforehand. Employers like it if you know about their business as it shows that you are serious about working for them.
  4. At the interview you should present as positive and again go over the points in your covering letter and resume. If you have researched a little and found out what dog grooming salon owners want in an employee you can explain how you meet those requirements.
  5. Take a copy of your covering letter and resume with you and hand to the employer at the beginning of the interview. Groomers are often too busy for paperwork and may not have brought it with them to the interview.
  6. Have short list of points you really MUST mention about yourself and why you would be suitable for the dog grooming position.

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