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Tiggi - Domestic

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Price: donation on applicat
Breed: Domestic
City: Eatonsville NSW
State: NSW
Zip: 2460
Country: Australia
Color: tabby and white
Age: 3 years, 7 months, 28 days
Sex: female - desexed


Tiggi Tirri and Tilli were found in a park near some flats they were taken to a pet shop who said they could not take then as they all have a twisted or kinked tail and were not perfectly normal kittens. The vet has said it is probably inherited and as it is not affecting their behaviour or their bodily functions and that in every other way they are perfectly normal cats. Tiggie can be a little shy when she meets strangers for the first time but as soon as she gets to know you she turns into beautiful affectionate smoochy cat. She is a normal playful curious mischievous young cat. Like her sisters she did find a loving home but it became to noisy for her with the advent of young children with their high pitch screaming as they played. To get away from the noise she would go and hide. Since she has been back she now comes forward to greet you and to enjoy being stroked and petted. She is a lovely loving cat. She has been desexed micro-chipped and immunised ready to be adopted. Her microchip is 900079000382737
Pet Directory Member Number: #8115
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