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SA Rabbit Rescue and Adoptions

SA Rabbit Rescue and Adoptions logo
SA Rabbit Rescue and Adoptions is a home based shelter, owned and operated by Sally Arnold. Sally manages and supports a team of dedicated foster carers who all share her passion for these endearing and often misunderstood little animals.
All bunnies that come into SA Rabbit Rescue and Adoptions undergo a period of quarantine before joining their new friends in The Rabbitry. This is to ensure the health and safety of all bunnies in the shelter.

Often, bunnies that come into the shelter are very ill or badly injured requiring a lot of care and sadly not all are able to be saved. However, wherever possible SA Rabbit Rescue and Adoptions is a NO KILL shelter. There are several bunnies who have been with us for quite some time for various reasons, and they will remain with us and under our care as long as is necessary.

The bunnies are kept in hutches and/or cages that are thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned each week. They all take turns free ranging in Sally's garden for both excercise and socialisation. Bunnies are VERY social little creatures. It is not uncommon to see 10-20 bunnies happily hopping around Sally's garden at any given time. Some bunnies can be escape artists though, and they happily play and forage in a large, secure playpen to ensure that nobunny gets lost :)
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