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Bird & Exotics Veterinarian

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Dr Alex Rosenwax graduated from the University of Sydney in 1991 in order to fulfill a lifetime goal of being a bird, fish and reptile veterinarian. After graduation Alex worked overseas in mixed animal practice before returning to Sydney in 1994. In both England and Hong Kong Alex started consulting to many koi carp pond owners, as well as tropical fish hobbyist aquaria. He achieved Membership of the Avian Health Chapter of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in January 1996. In November 1996 he opened the first and only New South Wales all avian and exotic pet practice. Alex is the current president of the Australian Veterinary Associaton Avian Group. The clinic moved to Waterloo, Sydney, in 2003 and sees approximately 80% birds, and 20% fish, reptiles and other exotic pets. Aside from birds and fish, the clinic is also seeing an ever-increasing number of reptiles and other small exotics.

Alex has a keen interest in fish health, especially koi carp and tropical freshwater fish, especially many species of cichlids. He has lectured to fish groups and veterinarians, including the Australian Veterinary Association Unusual and Exotic Pets Signifigant Interest Group on fish health and disease. He focuses on preventative health and obtaining a diagnosis on an aquarium problem prior to using medications. Alex works in consultation with pet shops and pond maintenance companies. He provides diagnostic support to them for their customers’ aquaria maintenance programs.

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