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Australian Romney Association
Why buy a registered Romney ram / ewe? Purchasing a ram or ewes is an important investment decision regardless of the size of an enterprise. Any stock purchase will have short and long term impact on any flock, regardless of the flock size or breeding objectives. Any acquisition has a direct impact on the value of resultant progeny, either for sale or those maintained within the flock. In time, any purchase decisions may influence the genetic composition of a flock. Therefore the quality of stock and assurances given when purchasing will be a major contributing factor influencing the future profitability or standard of an enterprise. It is less expensive to run good stock than those below average. When looking to buy any of the breeds that are within the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association (ASSBA) flock book, always make sure to acquire from a registered member of ASSBA. In the case of purchasing a Romney, always purchase from a member of the Australian Romney Association (ARA) ARA members will automatically be members of ASSBA. How do you know if the ram or ewes are registered with ASSBA? Simply ask the breeder what is their F number? The “F” in a diamond is a registered trade mark of ASSBA and each registered member is allocated a unique number specific to each breed. Also ask the question, “Can these animals be transferred by ASSBA?” A pedigree may not change the appearance of animals, but it will provide a degree of genetic predictably. Why buy a registered Romney ram / ewe, as compared to a cheap unregistered ram / ewe? (i.e. one with an unknown parentage) Sometimes cheap ram/s or ewe/s may turn out to be very expensive. In some instances a purchase may include an unpleasant surprise, so always check that all rams / ewes are purchased from a Brucellosis Accredited flock and ideally Gudair vaccinated as a minimum prerequisite. Generally, the more flock health assurances given, the more secure the purchase from a flock health status position. Often animals offered for sale at cheaper prices are only worth the asking price, or less. This is because the breeder does not have the costs involved in progressive breeding standards or making sure significant health issues are addressed appropriately. Put simply, the impact of your ram / stock purchase decisions on your future flock performance is so important that it is simply not worth the risk of buying a cheap ram with an unknown genetic background or unknown health status.
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Farm Animals listings

Tintern Elmo 328 T - Champion Romney Ram Melb

2013 Melbourne Show Champions

Rawahi 2496 (IMP NZ) carrying triplets

Tinternwood 603 (T)

Tinternwood 7/00 (T)

Gus checks out the new born twins at Tinternwood


Krangark Rodney 128/04 (T)

Grassbank Pedro 11/10 T 178kg - the heaviest Ram ever officially at Royal Melbourne Show

Tinternwood Ulysses 913 (T) F 1500





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