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The Australian Cavy Sanctuary is a non profit and non funded community purpose organisation managed by dedicated volunteers across Australia who are truly passionate about the welfare of guinea pigs. We were the first rescue organisation in Australia to cater specifically for guinea pigs. We are a legit  and recognised organisation and you are assured a professional and honest ongoing service by taking the time to adopt a homeless guinea pig through us. The ACS was the first rescue organisation in Australia dedicated entirely to guinea pigs.

ACS founder and current President Jessica has more than 20yrs practical and theory experience in guinea pigs and their care and aims to ensure that ACS shelters are maintained to a high standard and by individuals with similar long term experience.


BOARDING: The ACS shelters also offer a quality boarding service for your guinea pigs. You can board your guinea pigs in our boarding suites or you can bring your own cage. Please see the ACS website for further information about our boarding program.

Free Advice: All ACS Shelter managers have many years of practical and theory experience in guinea pig care both medically and general care. If you are looking for correct advice of any sort feel free to give us a call

WHAT ELSE? All the ACS shelters sell recommended quality feed and hay and other guinea pig related products. Please email your nearest ACS shelter to inquire about what's available. All profits from purchases through an ACS shelter go directly to the animals in our care.

SURRENDERS: All ACS shelters accept any ill, injured and found guinea pigs that members of the public may wish to surrender. We understand that sometimes people for whatever reason are unable to keep their guinea pigs any longer. Our surrender process is a quick and easy process. All surrendered guinea pigs are assured only the best of new homes and some remain at the sanctuary as permanent residents. All are fed and kept very well.

ACS also accept anonymous phone calls from anyone wanting to report a possible guinea pig mistreatment case. ACS will take steps to try to resolve the case ourselves first then will call upon the RSPCA in more severe circumstances. The ACS work closely with the RSPCA, taking in ill and mistreated guinea pigs that need close care and monitoring.

ADOPTION: Guinea pigs available for adoption are listed on the ACS website to be re-homed to loving, approved families.


Why adopt from an ACS Guinea pig shelter?

- By adopting a guinea pig you're not only saving a life but helping to stop/not contribute to a serious cycle of over breeding of guinea pigs here in Australia. In 2009 the Australian Cavy Sanctuary has been struggling with high numbers of surrenders the entire year with most shelters sitting on more than 150 homeless guinea pigs for most of 2009. 1000's of guinea pigs are surrendered to our shelters from a variety of backgrounds.

- All ACS Guinea Pigs are health checked and mite treated/wormed

- The team at ACS take the time to work with each family individually to find the right guinea pig/s for their home environment. This includes a visit to the shelter to handle and see the guinea pigs that may suit your family and this also includes us taking the time to get to know each individual guinea pigs personality and in turn the sort of home that will suit them best.

- No profit for us! Your adoption fee will go directly to helping fund/care for the homeless animals in our care so in turn you are actually donating aswell when you choose to adopt.

- ACS Shelters are managed by people who have many years practical first hand experience and knowledge in guinea pigs and their care. Due to this you are assured high quality and correct advice and a healthy happy guinea pig.

- If you adopt from a shelter you will also be helping to free a space for another homeless guinea pig in need. Adoption is a very rewarding and worthwhile process for both yourself and your special new family members.

We are dedicated to the ongoing challenge of taking a stand for the quality of life, value and respect of all guinea pigs and to be the voice for those that are unfortunately trapped in helpless situations of abuse and mistreatment.

When given a chance to shine a guinea pig will warm the heart and soul for life.

For further information about the Australian Cavy Sanctuary, guinea pig care, how you can help and for profiles and photos of current adoptable guinea pigs please visit our website.


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