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Soul Companions

Soul Companions logo
Soul Companion
We are located at: 8 Criterion Court, CLUNES VIC 3370
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Soul Companions provides Pet Loss counselling, Hospice support for those living with older animals, and telepathic communication with your living animals or those who have passed into Spirit via phone and/or email

"Animals are not lesser beings. They are sentient beings with soul, just as humans are."

Animal communication is telepathic. It is often referred to as "the silent language". Pam has been working internationally, via email and phone, for several years, communicating with animal companions, both living and in Spirit. This form of communication provides insight between human and animal companions and a deeper understanding. It can help both sides to understand behavioural difficulties and their consequences, as well as promoting well-being for both parties.

"Each species has its own wisdom. They are our friends for our life journey, sharing our path; teaching us lessons about love and life; loving us wherever we are on our path and helping to heal many lives along the way."

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"Angels Who Came with Fur and Four Paws"

ANIMAL COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP Hospice Support & Grief Counselling

"Angels Who Came with Fur and Four Paws" is in three parts.

Part 1 is about my experiences with my own animals, focusing on what they came to teach and the lessons I have learned and continue to learn and also some who have returned to me.

 Part 2 covers experiences I have had with other people’s companions through animal communication and also has instances of survival of their souls and reincarnation.

 Part 3 covers caring for ourselves and our animals as they reach the end of their earthly lives; grieving well through the loss and how we can help ourselves to heal and move on.
It also includes a Memorial Ceremony for Companion Animals.

The book is available directly from Soul Companions for $24.99, by mail order or email and can be paid for through PayPal (I will email a PayPal invoice once you place your order), by cheque or direct debit. For a limited time it is available FREEPOST within Australia, and for half the actual cost of post and packing internationally – a nominal $3.75.

 During this workshop we will explore

What is Animal Communication?

  • Animal spirituality and the bond we share with our companions
  • The importance of interspecies communication
  • Our spiritual connection with animals
  • Using your “different” senses
  • Awakening and stimulating your psychic sensitivities
  • Communicating with my animal friends
  • Communicating with animals at a distance via photos
  • Communicating with your animals waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

 Workshops run for a full day, usually on a Saturday or Sunday in suburban Melbourne or Clunes.  Workshops are also sometimes held in other places by arrangement for a minimum of six participants. Please email for further details.

If this is your journey I offer to you and your animal companion my knowledge from personal experience and study, my support and friendship, whether it be by email, phone or personal visit, where possible.  I can also help with Flower Essences to help you deal with your emotions and feelings and also to assist your animal to make an easier transition into Spirit when the time draws near.

 After the passing of your animal companion it may be necessary to share your grief with another person.  I offer to you not only my counselling experience from many years in the funeral industry but a heart that truly listens.


It is my joy to offer to you my services as a celebrant in order to celebrate the loving bond between you and your animal friend. This can take place (distance permitting) at the time of burial or at a later date as a memorial ceremony.

If you are far away and wish to conduct your own ceremony please contact us for ideas for a ceremony or a sample ceremony, or I can write a ceremony for you, which you can then hold. 

A small fee applies, which goes to support my rescue work.

Since 1967, Sighthounds have been my companions.  With the exception of our first two, Shan and Praja, they have all come to us through rescue organizations or private rehomings.

For the love of these hounds who have shared my family and continue to enrich my life, I will do whatever is possible, at that time, to help an Afghan or Saluki in need.

If you know of one, please contact me via email, by phone, or message me

Soul Companion

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Soul Companion offer Hospice Support & Grief Counselling. CALL PAM on (03) 5345 4022 today!

Soul Companion - In loving memory, Miss Piggy, Faranth, Khan, Shanti, and Star.


Soul Companion - "Angels Who Came with Fur and Four Paws" is in three parts. BUY NOW!

Soul Companion - Join our ANIMAL COMMUNICATION WORKSHOPS - CALL PAM on (03) 5345 4022

Soul Companion - SALUKI AND SIGHTHOUND RESCUE - CALL PAM on (03) 5345 4022




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