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Monarch Canine Training

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Damchev K9

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Monarch Canine Training
Old Family Bulldogs and Noble Strain Malinois

Our Goal at Damchev K9 as breeders is to produce Malinois and Bulldogs of solid, stable character and intense work drives. Our dogs are balanced animals selected based on their ability to perform. Brood stock must have both the correct Physical Structure and Mental Structure in order to be considered worthy of producing offspring.   

"My family's safety is my inspiration for breeding,
not a title or a certificate"


We breed and own American Bulldogs, Belgian Malinois and Damchev Hybrids for the simple fact that they suit our requirements more consistently than dogs of other breeds.

We do not breed in order to sell puppies. We breed in order to continue our program. The pup's we do offer for sale are animals that have been deemed worthy after a strict selection process.

Here at Damchev K9 we have been involved with the breeding, raising and training of working dogs for well over ten years. We have owned several different breeds and have worked with just about all of the traditional and not so traditional guardian breeds.

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Melbourne VIC 3076

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Damchev K9
The following is a list of traits that I require in my animals: Services:
  • My dog needs to be able to first and foremost live in harmony with my family in our every day life. He needs to have a natural easy going attitude with his family. This must be genetically motivated and able to be passed on to subsequent generations.
  • My dog must be of sound body and mind. Strong working dog structure is essential as well as strong
    confident temperament. No week nerved, shy animal tolerated.
  • My dog must show NATURAL protective instincts towards different situations that may seem
  • My dog must show the ability to hunt wild game if required.
  • My dog must have the ability to advance in personal/property protection, security/law enforcement/military service work if so required
    Our brood stock are selected based on their ability to adhere to the above criteria.
  • Sale of American Bulldog and Belgian Malinois puppies. We do not breed often. We only produce a litter when we need to continue our own program. If you are interested in a pup from our program it is a good idea to contact us and get placed on our waiting list.
  • Sale of adult dogs with varying degrees of training. Green started and finished animals of different working breeds occasionally available
  • Obedience training centre. We have been professionally training dogs for over 10 years. We spesialise in aggression and dominance issues. We take on the dogs that other trainers deem un trainable.
  • Private lessons. We conduct private training sessions by appointment. This is an effective one on one training session that can be conducted in the dogs own environment.

Damchev K9
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Amazing agility and speed! Contact Damchev K9 on 0407 892 912 for Malinois pups today!

Today the Malinois is a popular choice for police, military roles as well as a dog sport favour

Our dogs are gentle with their family!

Kager is open as a stud to approved bitches





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