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I’m Ryan Blunden creator of Pet Friendly Rentals and this is my little man, Tonka. Tonka is a fantastic staffy, with heaps of energy, personality and lots of love to give his family and friends. Not one day goes by when I don’t smile at the funny things he does, the faces he pulls and the sheer joy he brings to me and everyone around me. I love him to bits.

Tonka and I at Woolgoola, NSW North Coast

A few years ago I nearly had to give Tonka up because I was finding it so hard to find somewhere suitable for the two of us to live. It was such a distressing and worrying time (for both Tonka and I) that I swore I would do what ever I could to prevent other people from having to experience the same kind of stress.

Why I started Pet Friendly Rentals?

I started Pet Friendly Rentals because I know first hand how hard it can be for pet owners to find rental properties easily and I had to do something to help.

The sad truth is that many people who surrender their pets to organisations such as the RSPCA and the Animal Welfare League cite a lack of pet friendly housing as the reason they have to give up their family pet. Considering the growth in Australian house prices, buying a house will continue to be out of the reach of many pet lovers for some time and so as the demand for rental properties increases every year it’s not going to get any easier for renters with pets to find a home.

As my background is in web design and programming, I have the technological know-how to do something about this. Through my site I hope to be able to combine my area of expertise with my passion to make a difference to such an important community (and family) need.

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Pet Friendly Rentals - Level 18, 333 Ann St Brisbane, QLD 4000
Phone: (07) 3396 4313  Mobile: 0433 620 583

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Pet Friendly Rentals
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