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Meet a PetLover

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Meet A Pet Lover

Meet a Pet Lover - Online Dating Australia
Online Dating - Relationships - Friendships - Pet Buddy

Welcome to Meet a Pet Lover Australia, which offers you a unique place to meet people who are as passionate about pets as you are.

Meeting people or dating online has many benefits as it can be done;

* In the convenience of your own home.
* When you have the time, day or night.
* You control who you choose to meet with and when.

Even pets need companionship. Whether it's for a run, a play, a mate or if you're looking for pet sitting, Meet a Pet Lover is the perfect place to start.

If you do not have a pet but have a love of pets and have the desire for meeting or dating other pet lovers you can still join Meet a Pet Lover.

Whatever it is that you're looking for, we hope our online "meeting place" for pet lovers will bring you much happiness.

 Meet A Pet Lover
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A new and unique online meeting place for pet lovers.
Meet a Pet Lover is more than a dating site, it is a meeting place for all lovers of pets and offers the following:
Relationships Friendships Pet Buddy Pet Sitting
Singles interested in dating and finding that someone special who is as passionate about their pets as you are and who will welcome them into your “relationship” If you’re a stay at home parent, single or retired just looking for companionship for those times when you’re walking the dog, grooming your pet or attending pet shows Even pets need companionship. Whether it’s for a run, a play or a mate. If you’re looking for piece of mind that your pet is happy and well looked after when you’re away or at work, you can contact some one local and make your own pet sitting arrangements


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Meet single cat lovers for relationships or friendships. JOIN FREE NOW!

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Meet single dog lovers for relationships or friendships. JOIN FREE NOW!

Arrange pet sitting and make friends with pet lovers in your area. JOIN FREE NOW!





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Meet a PetLover Pets can make or break a relationship.
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