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Australia Wide Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary based in NSW  We use Coates Pet Transport to help us rescue rabbits.
Based in the Australian Bush in a countryside setting.

Safe indoor accommodation in the Bunny Barn

Safe outdoor accommodation in huge pens with secure comfortable housing

The rabbits are kept company by other rescued animals such as goats, horses, birds and are protected by a maremma livestock guardian dog who was himself a rescue.  Silky Chooks help keep down crawling pests and Guinea Fowl protect from ticks, fleas, and snakes. 
The Sanctuary is an ecosystem which is environmentally friendly and all the animals work together in harmony to create a safe and happy environment. 
Visits are welcome by appointment. 



Thinking of contacting a rabbit rescue or sanctuary?

If you want to keep a rabbit as a pet in Queensland, contact your local QLD Government representative and request that they help to make them legal!

Here are some things to know...

Ask if they have a no kill policy first.
If your rabbit had babies remove the male rabbit immediately as they can mate very soon after birthing.
If you have orphan rabbit babies take them to the nearest vet for advice on how and what to supplementary feed them.
24 hour emergency vets will be available somewhere near you for sure.


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Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Photos
Chilli - House Rabbit for Adoption
Poppy the rescue angora
Chilli - House Rabbit for Adoption
Chilli - House Rabbit for Adoption
Poppy the rescue angora
Chilli - House Rabbit for Adoption
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