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Dog Walking Services!

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Dog Walking Services! 1


Price: Starts at $27.50
State: NSW
Zip: 2100


Dog walking
Casual walks paid for on a per walk basis.
Regulars pay weekly or are invoiced end of month

Dog Walking Fees
Cancellation Fee: full walk fee payable if less than 24 hours notice given.

  • One dog in a group starts at $27.50
  • One dog solo starts at $38.50
  • 50% surcharge public holidays.
  • 100% surcharge Xmas Day, Boxing Day, News Years Day and Good Friday.
  • Cancellation fee: $27.50 if interview conducted and service cancelled.

Terms and Conditions
Dogs must be 6 months of age, fully vaccinated and registered with the appropriate municipal council. They must be compatible with other dogs, familiar with common commands and trustworthy off leash.

  • We must be advised if your pet is not desexed
  • We must be advised of any aggressive tendencies your pet may have
  • We advise that your pet is micro chipped and details are kept up to date
  • Affix current identification tag to your pet's collar with my details when you are away
Why Use a Dog Walking Service
With our busy lifestyle we cannot always provide our friends with the companionship, exercise and stimulation that they deserve.
Totally Tracey aims to do just that.
  • Daily dog walks and socialising are a basic need for a healthy, content dog
  • To assist responsible, busy owners in providing for their dogs’ needs
  • To prevent behaviour problems such as barking, digging, hyperactivity, chewing, and neighbourhood issues
  • Dog walking and play time is important to their physical development and mental stimulation
  • Dogs are companion animals which means they need to be in the company of humans and not left in the yard all day. Our service tires them out so they can happily rest until your return
  • A tired dog is a content dog which leads to content owners, a win-win.
Totally Tracey is an established, local business, renowned for our high level of care, dedication and knowledge.
We understand that your furry friends enjoy different pursuits, from walking, socialising, and exploring to chasing balls. Whatever your dog enjoys most, Totally Tracey can provide. Our service caters for an off lead walking, individual or small group (maximum of four), depending on your preferences and your pet's temperament. Give your dog something fun to look forward to when you are away. Schedule a pet consultation today by calling 0414497201.
Pet Directory Member Number: #187
Category Name: Miscellanenous
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