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Shani's Details
Name: Shani
Type: Dog
Price: donation on applicat
Age: 4 years, 9 months, 13 days
Sex: female - desexed
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog cross
Colour: brindle and White
Sally Rogers
Eatonsville NSW 2460
Shani's Description:
Here is Shani. We received a call from the owner of a Mum with 8 3-4 week old puppies saying that she lives in a rough part of South Grafton and the puppies were now wanting to play in the garden but she was frightened that neighbours would either steal them as bait or harm them in some way. We agreed that as we had a spare stable on our new place that was empty fenced off and away from any other dogs she could bring Mum and the pups here to grow up safely provided that she agreed to Mum being desexed once the pups were ready to go to their new homes. Shayla the mother of the pups has been desexed and gone to her home. The pups Sha Team have had all their puppy vaccinations have already been desexed and microchipped so are ready for their new homes. They are lovely staffy cattle cross pups with lovely natures and ready for puppy preschool.

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