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JayJay's Details
Name: JayJay
Type: Dog
Price: donation on applicat
Age: 9 months, 28 days
Sex: male - desexed
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
Colour: Red
Sally Rogers
Eatonsville NSW NSW 2460
JayJay's Description:
JayJay is a vivacious young fellow. He has a fun nature and loves to explore go for walks and be shown affection. He requires extra training but does know how to sit as long as he can remember how to stop bouncing first. He is very smart and willing to learn gets on well with people and dogs and craves socialisation. He will make your life a fun adventure full of love and energy if you choose to take him home. JayJay is a young red cattle dog who came to us because he was rescued from someone who was trying to keep him in an apartment when he was not allowed to. This person also did not have the landlords permission to have him and there was insufficient space for him to run and play. He needs training and something to do which is very hard at the moment as the local dog training clubs are closed. He is an active playful good natured young dog who is fine with other dogs. He is desexed microchipped and immunised ready for a new home with someone who has the time to train him and the space for him to run and play. 900113000880014

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