RABBIT Profile: DILLY - Boy - Newcastle
Adopt A Rabbit: DILLY - Boy - Newcastle
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DILLY - Boy - Newcastle's Details
Name: DILLY - Boy - Newcastle
Type: Rabbit
Price: 265 minimum donation
Age: 1 year, 9 months
Sex: Male
Breed: Rabbits - (lge) New Zealand
Colour: White
Reason: Rescued
The Rabbit Sanctuary
Kim Cooney

DILLY - Boy - Newcastle's Description:
Dilly is a good looking fellow with a charming personality. He has been keeping to himself while he goes about setting his home up to be just as he likes it. He seems content to lay about. Some of his hobbies include lounging on the floor lying in cardboard boxes sitting on litter boxes. He keeps himself clean and even though hes quite the independent bun he enjoys being fed single strands of hay and the occasional delicacy of washed fresh carrot tops. For more information please join our Facebook group Rabbits for Adoption www.facebook.com/groups/adoptarabbit FC Leanne - Newcastle Photograph credit Isabelle Bird

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