RABBIT Profile: HARRY POTTERBUN - Boy - Newcastle
Adopt A Rabbit: HARRY POTTERBUN - Boy - Newcastle
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HARRY POTTERBUN - Boy - Newcastle's Details
Name: HARRY POTTERBUN - Boy - Newcastle
Type: Rabbit
Price: 265 minimum donation
Age: 1 year
Sex: Male
Breed: Mixed
Colour: Black
Reason: Rescued
The Rabbit Sanctuary
Kim Cooney

HARRY POTTERBUN - Boy - Newcastle's Description:
Harry is litter trained and a VERY energetic and curious bun. He is incredibly outgoing and friendly and will always come up to hoomans. He is an expert escape artist jumping over 1 meter pens from the ground even managing to escape with a sheet pinned on top Hence he would be awesome as a free-roam house bun and companion following you around and exploring his own large space Hes also amazing at being handled and carried. With his strong personality he will let you know exactly what he wants and is also very easily well-adjusted flopping everywhere Harry is sure to make his future adopter very happy. For more information please join our Facebook group Rabbits for Adoption www.facebook.com/groups/adoptarabbit FC Deanne - Newcastle

Adopt A Rabbit: HARRY POTTERBUN - Boy - Newcastle

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