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Latest news from the wildlife industry Tue, 3 March 2015 10:06:00 EST
250,000 reasons to thank the people of NSW
NSW wildlife is in good hands for tomorrow's World Wildlife Day (Tuesday 03 March 2015) thanks to the NSW public and the dedicated WIRES volunteers according to WIRES CEO, Leanne Taylor.

Read about 250,000 reasons to thank the people of NSW here...

WIRES springs into action on native animal rescue
WIRES has announced its Spring Rescue Appeal with the help of award winning actor Noni Hazlehurst who has launched the charitable appeal on the WIRES Facebook page.

Read about Spring Rescue Appeal to save orphaned, injured and abandoned baby native animals here...

Snakes seized in Kambalda
Officers from the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) and Customs and Border Protection have seized three snakes in two separate raids in Kambalda in the Goldfields region of Western Australia, including an exotic corn snake that is native to North America.

Read more about the Corn Snakes here.

Pet Rescue taking place around Australia around the clock
Pet and other animals are being rescued 24 hours a day all around Australia as the pet loving Australian community members spread news of the plight of abandoned pets including dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, fancy rats and mice, ferrets, horses and farmyard pets like goats, sheep, cattle, alpaca, llama and other animals that have been dumped or whose owners can't for some reason keep them anymore.

. Adopt a pet yourself or just read how others are involved in pet rescue

Animal Justice Party formally registered
The Australian Electoral Commission has formally registered a political party concerned with animal issues.

Read about the Animal Justice Party

Tough Cat Bylaws On The Way For Salisbury, SA
A South Australian council has proposed strict new bylaws on cat ownership with mandatory early age desexing and microchipping and other controls that will affect cat owners.

Read more about South Australia's feral cat problem
Queensland Flood Relief for Pets & Wildlife
The Animal Welfare League QLD started sending pet food and cleaning supplies to the Lockyer Valley and will also be sending more supplies, including food for displaced wildlife, as of next week.

Read about what they are doing for animals and the exact items they need donated...
Homeless Rabbits Facing Shelter Closure
A rabbit shelter in Victoria is being shut down by their local council because of neighbourhood complaints.

Read more about the Victorian rabbit shelter closure here...
Are you guilty of harbouring a WMP?
Have your dog or cat been desexed?

Read the message from the Animal Welfare League here...
Good News For Rabbits and Humans
An end to animal testing chemicals for skin irritation is nigh!

Read about this wonderful initiative by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) where human 'skin' will be 'grown' in test tubes for use in testing skin reactions to chemicals instead of innocent little rabbits...
Pet Industry Association announces Roger Perkins as new CEO
The President of the Pet Industry Association of Australia ("PIAA"), Steve Austin, announced today that the Board has appointed Roger Perkins as Chief Executive of the PIAA.

Find out more about the newly appointed CEO of PIAA...
Giant Panda to Emigrate to China from USA
Tai Shan the famous giant panda cub is on his way to China to join a breeding program to help save the wild giant panda population. See a video of Tai Shan in the snow at his going away party.

Watch the panda cub turn to face the camera when a little girl calls his name...
Snake food in Pet Shops
New laws in California for 2010 Requires pet stores to use specific, "humane" methods for killing rodents before they are used as food for another animal.

Click to find reptile related articles...
Seven Australian Lizards sent back to bush for Christmas!
Seven lizards caught wild from the bush were seized in a raid by DSE. A North Bendigo man is facing up to three years jail and $40,000 fine if proven guilty of the charges of possessing wildlife taken unlawfully and for keeping protected wildlife without a licence.

Read on for more about the seven Aussie lizards seized...
Court Denies Return of Illegal Birds to Importer
A Victorian court has denied the return of 173 exotic birds to their keeper after finding they had been illegally imported into the country.

Read more about this win for Australia's fight against illegal wildlife trade...
CITES & INTERPOL Joint Forces to Combat Tiger Poaching
Tigers in Asia are rapidly becoming extinct in many areas and endangered in others. international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants threatens their survival. A CITES-INTERPOL law enforcement intelligence training for tiger range States was held in Jakarta, from 30 Nov to 4 Dec.

Read more about the loss of tigers in Asia and what is being done...
Australians say no to live export as the Festival of Sacrifice commences in the Middle East
The largest single petition ever lodged with the Rudd Government's Petitions Committee includes the signatures of over 34,000 Australians opposed to live animal exports to the Middle East.

Read about Australian community outrage over the Muslim slaughter of Australian animals exported live to the Middle East
Pet Industry Trends
The Pet Industry has come up tops in recent statistics with it boosting up the CPI of the recreation industry which had fallen in the last quarter.

Read statistics on the recent 2009 growth in the pet industry.
Sydney's most popular family Expo is on again full of great attractions and non-stop entertainment to delight Expo visitors. This year's Expo promises to be the biggest and best ever with over 150 exhibitors taking part and a huge variety of pets and animals to see. It's a great fun day out that's sure to please every member of the family.

Find out more about Sydney Pet and Animal Expo here
The Glamorous World of The Australian Pet Trade
View photos of pet product stands, extraordinary dogs, new pet products, interesting pet traders and glamorous people at the trade only Pet Expo.

Get a glimpse into the little known world of the pet industry.
News Flash! The 2009 Pet Trade Expo beings Mon 19th Oct!
The 2009 Australian Pet Industry Association Pet Expo is to be held at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre 19th - 21st Oct. This is Australia's largest & only trade exhibition of pet and aquaria products & accessories.

Find out everything about the Pet Expo including timetable of events and talks, trade show etc here...
RSPCA NSW taking a radical, new approach to rehoming!
RSPCA NSW's latest appeal hit households this week and focused on the upcoming RSPCA Care Centre - an adoption centre and outpatient vet clinic that will be opened in Rouse Hill by the end of this year.

Find out about the new approach from RSPCA!
The inaugural Toowoomba Pet and Animal Expo is a fantastic opportunity for the Pet Industry and local retailers to generate additional sales, promote products and services, and create brand awareness.

Find out about the new pet and animal expo!
'Proud Pet Parents' get to show the world they love their pets, while supporting animals in need.

Find out how to make a difference with your pet's photo!
There is a lot of discussion currently about what we eat and how we process food as well as the farming practices of both crop and animal produce and how they impact on the environment.

Read about a special event being held in Sunnybank Queensland on this Sunday 30 Aug 2009.
Thought to be extinct lizard found in NT
It was a stroke of luck that a Northern Territory government ecologist, Chris Pavey found more than 18 of these forgotten reptiles. 

Read more about the find of 'Ophidiocephalus taeniatus' or common name Bronzeback Legless Lizard...
Dog Massage Course by National College of Traditional Medicine
This course has been designed for all those with a love of dogs and an interest in improving their health and wellbeing with the gentle but powerful therapy of massage.

Find out more about the courses and how you can enroll!
More than $1/4 million raised to help dog owners affected by the bushfires
The International Virtual Dog Show was the fundraising effort DOGS Victoria used to kick off its bushfire appeal fund in Feb this year. We ended up receiving 8,796 entries in just one month. At $10 per dog, this raised $87,960 toward the total that would eventually surpass $326,000. These funds are being used to help dog owners care for their dogs as they rebuild or relocate...

Click to read more about helping the dog owners affected by the bushfires...
RSPCA and Bob Irwin Slam Croc Safari Hunting
The Federal Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, has been urged to reject the Northern Territory Government's proposal to allow tourists to shoot crocodiles on safari hunting tours.

Read what the RSPCA Australia and Steve Irwin's dad have to say on crocodile hunting
Arrow spears kangaroo's head in cruel attack
Many alarmed at the cruel shooting of two Eastern Grey Kangaroos (Macropus giganteus) by bow and arrows in the outer north of Melbourne. One with an arrow going right through its head from side to side piecing bone and nasal cavity, the other found two days earlier with an arrow through its rump.

Read how Melbourne Zoo helped the wounded Kangaroo
Man's fear and lack of bird knowledge leads to death of seagull
If people haven't been brought up to admire, learn about, and care for birds and other animals it can sometimes lead to acts of cruelty such as what occurred in Laguna Beach California when a man beat a Heermann's gull (Larus heermanni) with a stick when it tried to eat his wife's dropped ice cream.

Read more about this vicious attack on a near threatened species of gull...
The Federal Government will invest 11 cents for every animal exported overseas for slaughter in a dismal attempt to address the massive welfare problems ailing animals in the industry. 

Read more about Budget Fails Animals and Export Jobs
US Breeder Sentenced to 90 Days in Jail for Animal Cruelty
A big breakthrough for animal welfare is being heralded by the pet industry in the USA as an end to an ongoing problem breeder known to perform her own surgery on the dogs she housed without a veterinary degree. 

Read how this renegade breeder came to justice
Renting a home using a Pet Resume!
Whether you are a wildlife carer or a dog owner or one of the other millions of Australians that own a pet, a Pet Resume just might get you out of trouble and keep your pet out of the pound! Renting with a pet can be a real headache. It is already hard enough to find a suitable rental home but add one or more pets to the mix and you have pretty much quadrupled your problems. 

Read how you can better prepare to get the pick of rental homes that will accept your pet by following a set formula for success and by the use of a Pet Rental Resume for your furry, feathery or scaly friend.
Bushland Purchase Protects Queensland Habitat
A private bushland property on Brisbane's outskirts, home to a number of Queensland koalas, will now be protected forever as part of Australia's National Reserve System, our nation's most secure way of protecting native habitat.

Read more about Bushland Purchase Protects Queensland Habitat
"If you go out in the woods today..." beware of the deer shooters
Deer in NSW Australia were the focus of gun toting shooters on Saturday after a government funded media campaign attracted thousands of people out to shoot deer in the State forest. This coincides with the opening of the duck shooting season in the South Australian wetlands which due to public opposition has been shortened to two months.

Read more about deer shooters...
Will some lucky pets get the $900 Government handout?
Joe Hockey as opposition treasury spokesperson has accused the Government of including pets in the $900 cash handout for tax payers! According to statistics, hundreds of dog and cat owners leave some or all of their money to their beloved pets in their will.

Read more whether lucky pets will get $900 from Government
Victorian Bush Fire Appeals and Assistance for Dogs and other Pets
The Pet Directory extends its sympathy to the victims of the bushfires. This is a tragic time for the nation and many of us would like to assist with donations of money or goods. Here are a list of funds that have been set up for people and for dogs, cats and other pets left homeless by the fires.

Read more about the Victorian Bush Fire Appeals and Assistance for Dogs and other Pets...
Tails of the City
Notice to members! As a member of The Pet Directory Network we are excited about a current pet exhibition and would like you to help us spread the word by telling others that love animals and have an interest in pet ownership. Print this news page and present to receive a free copy of The Pet Directory valued at $25!

Read about the "Tails of the City" exhibition at the Museum of Sydney...
2009 RSPCA Australia Scientific Seminar
The RSPCA Australia Scientific Seminar 2009 will broadly examine the interaction between animals and human health from the perspectives of both human health impacts and animal welfare.

Numbat population gets a boost at Ravensthorpe
The future is looking up for Western Australia's native mammal emblem, the numbat, following the release of 13 wild and captive-bred numbats into a site near Ravensthorpe this month.

2009 is the year to end the cruel trade of Indias dancing bears
Nose ring off, the music is over for so called Dancing Bears who begin their journey to a happier daily existence in the hands of workers from the UK charity, International Animal Rescue. Working tirelessly they have freed 500 dancing bears from the cruel performance of dancing on the streets of India.

You are invited to the Vets Beyond Borders AGM
You are cordially invited to attend the Vets Beyond Borders Annual General Meeting. We will be offering afternoon tea and a chance to meet some of the VBB team, board members and volunteers. Come along and hear first hand what VBB has been doing and will do in the future.

FUR Fighters Follow Actress!
Lindsay Lohan may need to re-think her wardrobe after being attacked by animal rights activists for wearing a fur stole made of real animal fur. Flour 'bombs' were thrown at the actress. She was cleaned off by helpers and resumed her Saturday night out with a pose on the red carpet at the VIP Room Theatre with her disc jockey friend Samantha Ronson.

Very interesting news from the RSPCA in the ACT: Santa Paws and how he can help homeless animals || Judge giving tough sentence for cruelty to pet ferrets || Pets' Party at the shelter: learn to teach your dog tricks || Sponsor a kennel or cat house with your name on it in gold!

Rabbits welcome in Queensland!
Rabbits have been welcomed as a non native animal that has proven to live without threat to the environment in Currawinya National Park.

Animals Asia calls for action as pathologists warn of contaminants in bear bile
Animals Asia Foundation has called on the Chinese authorities to look urgently into the possible harmful side-effects of contaminated bear bile sold as a cure-all in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The foundation has also relayed its concerns to the Hong Kong Secretary for Food and Health, Dr York Chow, and the World Health Organisation.

Minister Announces World Heritage funding for the region
Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, Peter Garrett announced more than $13 million for World Heritage projects in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific at the Pacific Islands World Heritage Workshop in Cairns.

Santa Paws is Coming!
You and your pet can have your photograph taken with Santa for this coming Christmas! Find the dates or email RSPCA for more details.

The 12th China International Pet Show
CIPS---the largest pet trade show in Asia! The grand gathering of world pet professionals is coming! Free registration as a visitor now on! ...

New Animal Cruelty Laws for SA
Next month will see the introduction of very tough penalties for animal cruelty with fines of up to $20,000 or two years jail....

The RSPCA today said it was time for animal welfare groups to be less compromising and to encourage more people to make their voice heard if animal welfare is going to improve in Australia...

Laidley Conference 4th / 5th Oct 2008 **Agricultural Shows - Today and Beyond**
QCAS Conference to be held in Laidley. All interested parties are welcome to attend. It is always a great weekend and lots of information is available....

Australian World Animal Day Ambassador Announced
Recently the Australian Ambassador was announced as Pam Ahern, the founder of Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary in Willowmavin, via Kilmore, Victoria...

PIAA, The Pet Industry Association of Australia - NEW CONSTITUTION AND NEW BOARD
More members voted than in the history of PIAA on the motion "that the Constitution of the Company be repealed and replaced in its entirety". The new constitution was accepted by a majority vote of members with 93% in favour of the major overhaul of the PIAA constitution.

Visit the PIAA website
Environment Minister, Peter Garrett has approved the construction of the new Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth following agreement with the West Australian Government on a substantial package of measures to protect the endangered Carnaby's Black Cockatoo.

This Wednesday Jamie Oliver will empower Australian consumers with the knowledge to help them make informed decisions that will improve the lives of millions of layer and meat chickens across the country...

Madonna guards her empty nest...
We all know a lot of empty nesters migrate to the Gold Coast but Madonna the female crocodile at David Fleay Wildlife Park has put a different slant on the story.

Animals in the News
Click to read interesting animal news stories making headlines. Topics: * Track your lost dog by phone! *Robot pet hair vacuum *Love a Lovebird? *New Aussie Shark found *Muddy Goat Disease in North Queensland

Animal Welfare must factor in Australia's Farming Future
Australian farmers have a prime opportunity to take advantage of the growing demand for animal welfare friendly products and governments at all levels must help facilitate change, RSPCA Australia said today.

Unprecedented Actions to stop Whaling by Australian Government
Australia charts new course of International Wahle Conservation ; As part of the Government's unprecendented actions to stop commercial whaling, Australia will present a proposal to modernise the Internation Whaling Commission at this week's meeting in London.

Animals in the News March 2008
Click to see our collection of interesting animal stories that have made headlines this past week. Topics covered: *Chihuahua dog falls from sky *Cancer survivor seeks repeat win in world's longest sled dog races *Kitten dumping has reached record levels in Australia *Python Eats Australian family dog in Kuranda *Body Part by Body Part Sumatran Tigers are being sold into extinction *Cat DNA leads back to Ancient times and forward to over 200 genetic disorders *New undescribed species of parasite that infects aquarium fish

Animals in The News
Click to see our collection of interesting animal stories that have made headlines this past week. Topics covered: *Baby Polar Bear Orphan *Smuggled Reptiles *$10,000 Dog Found Close to Death in Stolen Car *Tiger Kills Tormentor *Plastic Bag Ban in Australia a Dilemma for Dog Walking Owners *Bird flu Breakouts with No Explanation Transmitted to Infect People *RSPCA Rescues Horses - 31 found Dead and Decomposing - 111 in Serious Condition *Serious Ecological Threat Posed by Millions of Imported Aquarium Fish into Australia - Report by University of Sydney Professor, Richard Whittington *NSW Premier's Reading Challenge 2008 - Recommended Books include How to Care for Your Pet Rabbit and Other Animal Related Titles

Dosing cows with drugs causing antibiotic resistance - Doctors in Britain struggling to treat people...
Giving unnecessary antibiotics to animals to artificially fend off illness might be giving rise to drug resistant bacteria which may have bad consequences for humans that eat these animals.

Rat Chariots and Artificial Dog's legs!
Animal wheelchair inventor nominated for major award for mini-chariots for rats to artificial limbs for dogs!

Best presentation of trade stands at the PIAA Pet Trade Expo - Melbourne, 5th and 6th Oct.
Congratulations to the winners for best presentation of their trade stands at the recent PIAA Pet Trade Expo held in Melbourne, 5th and 6th Oct.

Asian Leopard
Lifestyle Pets introduces the $22,000 AsheraTM, the world's largest, rarest and most exotic domestic cat.


Kangaroos in nappies and kept as pets in the house in other countries!
The Australian Wildlife Protection Council is concerned that our mammals are being sold overseas to the USA and Asians on internet sites as pets.


Welding for Welfare
A project designed to improve the welfare of orangutans at Nyaru Menteng, and provide educational possibilities for local people

New guide to Western Australia's national, marine and regional parks
Experiencing Western Australia's national, marine and regional parks will become much easier for visitors with the release of National, marine and regional parks in Western Australia - A visitor's guide to the State.

Dolphin Research No Cause For Alarm
A researcher from Southern Cross University has been collecting tissue samples, not firing bullets into dolphins in the Tin Can Bay area, confirms Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS).

Landholders work on solution for Wacol Kangaroos
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) brought together government landholders, wildlife scientists, animal welfare and conservation interests in Brisbane today to talk about long-term solutions for Wacol's kangaroo population.

No More Devils In Tasmania!
Tasmanian devils are being wiped out by a cancerous condition that creates deadly growths on their faces.

Level 5 Water Restrictions and Non-Residential Premises - Animal
PIAA response to draft water restrictions

Hopefully an End to Bear Farming in Asia
Statement by AAF Founder and CEO Jill Robinson on NPC Member's call to end bear farming

QPWS Monitors Cairns Centenary Lakes for reported Croc!
Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) checked Centenary Lakes in Cairns this morning after a media report of a large crocodile being seen in the lakes on Thursday, and will spotlight the area tonight.

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