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Latest news from the pet industry Mon, 16 January 2016 10:40:00 EST
Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) pedigree dog breeders are devoted to their dogs and want to see their puppies live long, happy and healthy lives in forever loving homes. Sadly, some dogs suffer from hereditary problems and require ongoing veterinary care, which can be expensive and heartbreaking for everyone.


AWLQ launches new greyhound program with a call for foster carers
Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) today launched a program for greyhounds called 'Going Grey - AWLQ', and is calling for foster carers to participate.

Read about 'Going Grey' program here...

250,000 reasons to thank the people of NSW
NSW wildlife is in good hands for tomorrow's World Wildlife Day (Tuesday 03 March 2015) thanks to the NSW public and the dedicated WIRES volunteers according to WIRES CEO, Leanne Taylor.

Read about 250,000 reasons to thank the people of NSW here...

'No foot, no horse!' FREE horse health seminar in Sydney
Horses are under extra stress during the hot Australian summer months and providing proper hoof care will help to take the burden off their feet.

More info about 'Hoof Balance and Your Horse' Seminar here...

High school student wins a special day with Bondi Vet stars!
Have you ever witnessed an eye surgery on a dog? Twelve-year-old Tim Brandt spent his last day of summer holidays as a 'future vet' with Bondi Vet stars Dr Lisa Chimes and Dr Andrew Marchevsky at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH), the home of the popular TV series.

Read about the story of future vet Tim Brandt here...

Making Sense of Canine Scent Detection
Dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell. To explain simply, when humans smell vegetable soup, dogs smell each and every ingredient in the soup. Humans have about 5 million cells devoted to smelling, but dogs have about 220 million, as well as four times the brain power devoted to processing scents.

Read about Detection Dog seminars presented early next year in Sydney by international canine detection expert, Fred Helfers here...

Top Dogs - Who will be the most beautiful of them all?
Five of Australia's elite dog groomers are celebrating their prestigious 2014 State Royal Groomer titles as the year comes to an end, and preparing to clash clippers at the ultimate grooming competition next year.

Read about State Royal Groomer Competition here...

One lucky Campgoer to have Morning Tea with Bondi Vet stars!
Taking a behind-the-scenes tour of Bondi Vet TV show's home - the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH) in Sydney - is the highlight for many kids at Future Vet Kids Camp, which runs during the summer holidays in January. But one lucky campgoer will have a private tour and morning tea with Bondi Vet veterinarians Dr Lisa Chimes and Dr Andrew Marchevsky, plus hands-on experience with furry patients and 'future vet' tips from the vets.

Read about Future Vet Kids Camp kids here...

Online Animal Auctions
Dogs NSW is appalled at the rise of online auctions sites allowing live animals to be put up for auction like things.

Read how you can stop the inhumane practice of online auctioning of French Bulldogs and other popular breeds here...

A natural approach to pet dental health
Dental disease is one of the most common reasons that your dog or cat may require costly surgical and medical treatment. Recent statistics in Australia have shown that 60 percent of pets over the age of three have some degree of dental disease that will require costly veterinary attention - and generally under general anaesthetic.

Read on how to help reduce the risk of dental disease in your dog or cat here...

WIRES springs into action on native animal rescue
WIRES has announced its Spring Rescue Appeal with the help of award winning actor Noni Hazlehurst who has launched the charitable appeal on the WIRES Facebook page.

Read about Spring Rescue Appeal to save orphaned, injured and abandoned baby native animals here...

Grooming rescue felines for their purr-fect match!
Sydney's leading 'Cat Vet' Dr Kim Kendall is partnering with the Cat Protection Society (CPS) to raise awareness about feline adoption by grooming homeless cats.

Read about a good awareness Dr Kendall has offered for grooming homeless cats here...

Unemployed youth put their best foot forward working with pets.
Queensland teenager Sophie Meyer is one of thousands of unemployed Australians in search of employment. The 19-year-old used to work at a day spa while studying beauty therapy but didn't fit in and eventually quit her job and the course.

Read about how young people benefit from working with pets here...

Guide Dogs voted Australia's most trusted charity, second year running.
For the second year running, Guide Dogs has been voted Australia's Most Trusted Charity in the annual Australian READER's DIGEST Most Trusted Brand poll.

Read more about Guide Dogs Australia's achievements here...

Superfoods for your dog
Phivo Christodoulou never imagined he would one day become a Master Dog Chef, inspired by his best friend, Augustine. When the loveable Boxer puppy came along in 2010, Phivo splurged on the best dog foods on the market but quickly found Augustine plagued with stomach problems.

Learn about the healing powers of food and why drugs aren't the answer...

Join our campaign to train diabetes alert dogs
We are raising $25,000 to create a scientifically-designed dog training program that will save lives.

Read how you can support diabetes dogs here...

Increasing backyard poisonings deadly to pets
Veterinarians are warning pet owners about the dangers lurking in the backyard, with the popular Brunfelsia flower topping the list. Commonly known as Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow (Brunfelsia bonodora), this plant is beautiful but deadly.

Read how you can safe your pets from deadly poisoning plants in your backyard here...

Save tax and help Guide Dogs
Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is calling on the public to help raise $1 million to fund the training of 35 new puppies to become guide dogs.

Read more about how you can help to raise some money for Guide Dogs NSW/ACT training progam here...

Pet Industry Association appoints new Chief Executive
Following the recent announcement of Roger Perkins' retirement at the end of this month, the Board has appointed Mr Mark Eagleston as the new CEO.

Read more about the new Chief Executive of PIAA here...

Christmas with the donkeys in July
Celebrating the best and most unique Christmas in July you will ever attend with the donkeys.

Read more about the eventChristmas in July here...

Parrot Trust of Australia announces Parrots 2014 Fundraising Tender
Call for donations of cash, goods, services or products. Following the amazingly successful and well received PTA Tender in 2012, we have received commitments of further very generous donations to be sold to raise funds for the benefit of the Parrot Trust.

Read more about the 2014 fundraising tender here...

Pet Industry Association Chief Executive Announces Retirement
After over four years as Chief Executive of the Pet Industry Association of Australia, Roger Perkins has announced his retirement at the end of June.

Read more about the news of Roger Perkins' retirement plan here...

Good News For Dog Rescue
Thanks to the support of over 11,000 people signing a petition recently the AWL NSW is able to have a voice on the Companion Animal Taskforce, enabling them to encourage certain initiatives like those announced by the NSW Government earlier this week.

Read more about the good news of Puppy Love petition here...

Kittens go viral at the AWLQ
Kitty Cam was officially launched today in the AWLQ kitten enclosure and is sure to entertain even the most closeted cat lover.

Read more about kitty cam here...

A Christmas marvel - feline third degree burns victim reunites with family
The six-year-old Russian feline was severely burned in the fires and spent two months receiving intensive treatment at the Animal Referral Hospital (ARH) in Homebush. How Molly survived is a mystery and the way she was found, amazing. She showed everyone that miracles do happen, with a bit of help from angels along the way.

Read the full story of Miracle Moly and the help given by ARH here...

What not to feed your pet this Christmas
As Christmas approaches we humans get wound up in the festivities and forget that this time of year presents a whole array of hazards to our pets. We want to remind you what not to feed your pet this holiday season.

Read to find out the list of healthy treats options for your pet during christmas and festive holidays here...

Woof Woof! Giant Bone Ice Sculpture at Bondi Beach
We are excited to let you know about a refreshing new treat for dogs - RUFFS ICE BONES. To mark the launch of this icy treat, dogs and their owners are invited to come along to Bondi Beach on Sunday, 8 December to see a GIANT frozen bone made of ice.

Read about Giant Bone Ice Sculpture here...

Dogs can have a smart phone too... on their nails!
Canine nail artist Zara Shaw of Newcastle, NSW, certainly 'nailed it' at the 2013 GroomEx event in Melbourne last month. The 23-year-old self-taught nail artist and professional dog groomer is "absolutely ecstatic" about winning at the prestigious contest with her IPhone APPS nail art design.

Read about the amazing canine nail art design outbreak here...

Pet friendly strata by-laws in NSW at long last
In the biggest overhaul to strata laws in New South Wales in 50 years, pets will now be allowed by default in units and apartments.

Read about the pet friendly strata by-laws here...

Creative makeovers for pampered pooches
Colourful pooches with glossy locks and painted nails gave supermodels a run for their money in Melbourne on the weekend.

Read about the prestigious GroomEx event here...

Halloween fun for kids, but not necessarily for pets
With Halloween around the corner, veterinarians are cautioning pet owners to be aware of the stresses and dangers that come with the tricks and treats.

Read how you can keep your pet safe during Halloween

Bouncer's eyes said it all
Will you help defenceless animals like Bouncer who have suffered cruelty beyond imagination?

Read how you can help AWL to protect and care for Bouncer and other dogs and cats here...

Australians love their pets more than most
As animal-lovers globally celebrate World Animal Day on 4 October, we are reminded Australia is a country that loves its pets more than most.

Read about World Animal Day here...

PM warned: Animal welfare standards non - negotiable
The RSPCA is urging Prime Minister Tony Abbott not to use animal welfare as a bargaining chip in his discussions with the Indonesian government next week.

Read about the RSPCA message for Tony Abbott here...

AWL & kind vet save cat with advanced veterinary technology
Animal Referral Hospital helps 'Save A Life' with Animal Welfare League NSW

Read about the collaboration between ARH and AWL in saving cats life here...

Pearl of Para narrowly escapes another disaster at sea
The RSPCA is calling on the new Government to commit to strengthening the live export regulatory system and expand meat export markets after more than five thousand Australian cattle on board the Israel-bound Pearl of Para were turned around at sea because of mechanical difficulties.

Read about the live export disaster here...

New dog sport unleashed: Search and found!
Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and a natural desire to hunt. Where better to unleash their natural ability than through K9 Nose Work®?

Read more about this exciting new dog sport here...

RSPCA says new abattoirs in the north a win-win
The RSPCA has welcomed the development of an abattoir on Yeeda station between Broome and Derby. This follows last week's confirmation by the Australian Agricultural Company that it will proceed with the construction of an abattoir near Darwin.

Read more about the development of an abattoir on Yeeda station here...

Good News For Kangaroos!
The Russian Government has suspended kangaroo meat imports, offering a reprieve for Australia's most iconic species.

Read more about the Australian kangaroo meat trade here...

Australia's renowned animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti has been appointed Ambassador of Animal Welfare League Australia (AWLA).
Dr Jo will be advocating for the adoption of animals from AWLA-affiliated shelters around the country and promoting AWLA campaigns aimed at strengthening the human-animal bond and positive welfare outcomes for companion animals.

Read about Dr Joanne Righetti's campaign for AWLA here...

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