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about these hand reared baby cockatiels

Clever Birds the Pet Bird Specialist presents Clever Cockatiels.

View short videos of exceptionally tame and human friendly baby Cockatiels seeking loving homes.
View the short videos below and select one baby Cockatiel to adopt and call your own!

Click here to make an enquiry about these hand reared baby cockatiels

Ring 95 See the red brown Lutino eyes on this little baby girl. Notice on her wings the delicate shade of Platinum pearls.
Ring 94 A very curious little girl. Such a cutie!
Ring number 98 She toddles around and looks at the camera. Such a gentle girl.
Ring number 100 She loves the red rose. Watch her play then look over the edge to see where it falls!
Ring number 523 - he is fascinated by the beach scene in the picture frame. He just wants to get in there to the beach! Ring number 96 - Such a tame baby boy who loves scratches.
Ring number 92
This little girl cockatiel baby is such a sweety. She loves being talked to and patted.
Baby Cockatiel - Pastelface male - ring number 93 - Hand Reared. He has a loving nature and is a pleasure to handle. He loves affection and comes up to you when you get near the cage for cuddles
This is a sweet little guy. Loves people!
His Cinnamon colour (on wings) will become more rich looking as he gets older.
COMING SOON More baby hand reared cockatiels in different colours and white cockatiel babies will be available on this page soon. They will be available in both sexes and will have a vet DNA Sex Certificate to show if they are girls or boys.