DOG Profile: Boss
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Boss's Details
Name: Boss
Type: Dog
Price: donation on applicat
Age: 7 years, 6 months, 6 days
Sex: male - desexed
Colour: black sable tan
Sally Rogers
Eatonsville New South Wales 2460
Boss's Description:
Boss is a Belgian Shepherd Malinois full of energy highly intelligent totally people centric and loves to play. Well trained. Given the right owner who will spend the time he is an awesome dog he will love to go to obedience agility Rally-O tracking training as he needs to be challenged which is typical of the breed. He has loads of love to give affectionate and can be in your face. He needs to be with an active family who take their dog wherever they go. He would be better as an only pet and would make an excellent companion. He would make a great assistance dog but on his own territory he can be protective. This is mainly because he has not be socialised well with other animals but is also typical of the breed. He seems fine on neutral territory or when a dog is behind someone elses fence. He is absolutely fine with all humans both small and tall. Boss like a lot of belgian shepherds has a little bit of separation anxiety and likes to be with his human most of the time. He will not do well in a working household if you are away for hours on end he would be better off if you primarily work from home. He will need to sleep near you inside but is ok on the floor by your bed or near by.

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