DOG Profile: Bonnie
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Bonnie's Details
Name: Bonnie
Type: Dog
Price: donation on applicat
Age: 5 years, 1 month, 22 days
Sex: female - desexed
Breed: Maremma Sheepdog
Colour: cream
Sally Rogers
Eatonsville NSW NSW 2460
Bonnie's Description:
Bennie and Bonnie would love a home together. Bennie is approximately 6 years old and has had two homes prior to foster care and now they are at Happy Paws Haven. Bonnie is approximately 4 years of age and has been living with Bennie since she was a wee pup. Purchased in Queensland from a chicken farm and having been raised near poultry they have not set a foot wrong with chickens and ducks while they were at their foster home. In true Maremma fashion these guys need a breed experienced family. They take time to warm up to new people. Bennie is a sweet snuggler who likes the occasional game of ball - he is the more human-centric of the two. Bonnie is Miss Independent she likes to investigate. Both dogs are best suited to acreage as they are working dogs.They have been in runs next to sheep and cattle. The foster carers spent time with them walking through the sheep paddocks. Though they appear fine it is not recommended that they be left alone with sheep at this stage. They will warn of any visitors or nearby neighbours and they particularly seem perturbed by motorbikes. Bonnie and Bennie are partial to music and find it relaxing.

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