DOG Profile: Jed3
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Jed3's Details
Name: Jed3
Type: Dog
Price: donation on applicat
Age: 1 year, 7 months, 3 days
Sex: male - desexed
Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
Colour: Dark Brindle and white
Sally Rogers
Eatonsville NSW NSW 2460
Jed3's Description:
Jed was bought in as his owner was homeless and living with friends and they could not have him with them. We agreed to care for him while they were looking for a place to live and they thought they had found one only to find that it allowed small dogs and cats Jed is a medium size staffy. We had agreed to get him desexed immunised and ready to return to his owner. Now we have been asked to find him a special home as they have moved into the house anyway needing a roof over their heads of their own as they have a special needs son. Jed is a very good natured young man gets on with humans and other dogs need some training as all young teenagers do. Jed is bouncy energetic loves people gets on with other animals so far has a lovable friendly nature and is ready for his new special home.

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