DOG Profile: Patchi
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Patchi's Details
Name: Patchi
Type: Dog
Price: Donation on applicat
Age: 1 year, 2 days
Sex: male - desexed
Breed: kooli border collie cross
Colour: blue merle tan with dark patches
Sally Rogers
Eatonsville NSW NSW 2460
Patchi's Description:
Surrendered as owner has moved into town with small yard and little time for dog Patchi kept getting out when home alone due to boredom. Lovely natured dog gets on with other dogs house trained not good with chickens as chases them fine with kids and people. Very smart sits on command comes when called loves to play with toys and balls. Will bring a ball back when playing fetch. Would be excellent with any of the dog sports such as agility scent work doggy dancing obedience Rally-O tracking and herding. He loves being with people too

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