Forever home for Noelene
In beginning of September 2017 a beautiful cat called Noelene was bought in as her owner had abandoned her when they moved. New people moved in with a dog and were afraid for her. She is a very beautiful loving friendly young lady slightly underweight. We suspected she might be pregnant and turned out to be. On October 2nd she gave birth to six beautiful kittens. We were feeding her special mother and baby kitten food giving extra supplements to help her but the babies took so much out of her that she had to go into hospital on a drip for a few days so that her body could recover. On her return she was welcomed by her babies and recovered nicely. The babies are are ready to be rehomed as all have been desexed microchipped and immunised including Noelene. Noelene has a very quiet loving nature and needs a quiet home to spend the rest of her life. She also has a flea allergy so needs to ensure she has very regular flea treatments.