Forever home for Thunder
Thunder arrived after just having a litter with 3 kittens. She is the eternal mum. A few days after she arrived a box of 5 kittens were handed in with out a mum to feed and look after them so we gave them to Thunder and she looked after them without a blink of an eyelid. Cleaning and feeding straight away. as she had eight to look after we helped her with supplement feeding along the way. After she was desexed her kittens were 12 weeks old we separated her from them. She just cried and cried as did the 8 kittens. We put her in the kitten house to be with her family and lo and behold she became mum to everyone there. She is such a lovely caring young lady a beautiful role model for them all. When she gets sick of them she gets on top of a cupboard for a rest. At long last we have moved her into the main cattery and this time she is happy to leave the kittens behind. She is a loving affectionate gentle queen gets on with everyone so would make an excellent companion for a special someone.