Forever home for Xena
Xena and Hades were surrendered due to having to move and not able to find suitable accommodation that allows dogs. These dogs have been kept on a chain all their lives. They are good natured and have come along way since they arrived. Xena was like a skeleton and had had litter after litter. Initially they were very scared of anything with a long handle like a broom or a mop they use to growl when we came in. Now they know and trust us and they take no notice at all. They have been separated now and each is doing very well on their own. They seem to get on with other dogs when playing in our back paddock. Each of them would like a specially loving home someone to be with to scratch their back or give them a massage preferably as the only dog especially Xena. She went to a home recently where there was another dog they were absolutely fine on neutral ground when going for a walk etc. But Xena owned the back yard which made the new owners to be very uncomfortable and in the end they decided that it was better to return Xena rather than wait for something to happen. We always take our dogs back and this is why we have a four week trial. Just like us dogs react differently in different environments. Xena wanted someone for herself and did not want to share at home. Happy to out on the street or in a park but not at home. They are both desexed immunised chipped treated for all the local parasites ready for their new homes.