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Latest news from the pet industry Mon, 16 January 2016 10:40:00 EST
Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) pedigree dog breeders are devoted to their dogs and want to see their puppies live long, happy and healthy lives in forever loving homes. Sadly, some dogs suffer from hereditary problems and require ongoing veterinary care, which can be expensive and heartbreaking for everyone.


AWLQ launches new greyhound program with a call for foster carers
Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) today launched a program for greyhounds called 'Going Grey - AWLQ', and is calling for foster carers to participate.

Read about 'Going Grey' program here...

250,000 reasons to thank the people of NSW
NSW wildlife is in good hands for tomorrow's World Wildlife Day (Tuesday 03 March 2015) thanks to the NSW public and the dedicated WIRES volunteers according to WIRES CEO, Leanne Taylor.

Read about 250,000 reasons to thank the people of NSW here...

'No foot, no horse!' FREE horse health seminar in Sydney
Horses are under extra stress during the hot Australian summer months and providing proper hoof care will help to take the burden off their feet.

More info about 'Hoof Balance and Your Horse' Seminar here...

High school student wins a special day with Bondi Vet stars!
Have you ever witnessed an eye surgery on a dog? Twelve-year-old Tim Brandt spent his last day of summer holidays as a 'future vet' with Bondi Vet stars Dr Lisa Chimes and Dr Andrew Marchevsky at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH), the home of the popular TV series.

Read about the story of future vet Tim Brandt here...

Making Sense of Canine Scent Detection
Dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell. To explain simply, when humans smell vegetable soup, dogs smell each and every ingredient in the soup. Humans have about 5 million cells devoted to smelling, but dogs have about 220 million, as well as four times the brain power devoted to processing scents.

Read about Detection Dog seminars presented early next year in Sydney by international canine detection expert, Fred Helfers here...

Top Dogs - Who will be the most beautiful of them all?
Five of Australia's elite dog groomers are celebrating their prestigious 2014 State Royal Groomer titles as the year comes to an end, and preparing to clash clippers at the ultimate grooming competition next year.

Read about State Royal Groomer Competition here...

One lucky Campgoer to have Morning Tea with Bondi Vet stars!
Taking a behind-the-scenes tour of Bondi Vet TV show's home - the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH) in Sydney - is the highlight for many kids at Future Vet Kids Camp, which runs during the summer holidays in January. But one lucky campgoer will have a private tour and morning tea with Bondi Vet veterinarians Dr Lisa Chimes and Dr Andrew Marchevsky, plus hands-on experience with furry patients and 'future vet' tips from the vets.

Read about Future Vet Kids Camp kids here...

Online Animal Auctions
Dogs NSW is appalled at the rise of online auctions sites allowing live animals to be put up for auction like things.

Read how you can stop the inhumane practice of online auctioning of French Bulldogs and other popular breeds here...

A natural approach to pet dental health
Dental disease is one of the most common reasons that your dog or cat may require costly surgical and medical treatment. Recent statistics in Australia have shown that 60 percent of pets over the age of three have some degree of dental disease that will require costly veterinary attention - and generally under general anaesthetic.

Read on how to help reduce the risk of dental disease in your dog or cat here...

WIRES springs into action on native animal rescue
WIRES has announced its Spring Rescue Appeal with the help of award winning actor Noni Hazlehurst who has launched the charitable appeal on the WIRES Facebook page.

Read about Spring Rescue Appeal to save orphaned, injured and abandoned baby native animals here...

Grooming rescue felines for their purr-fect match!
Sydney's leading 'Cat Vet' Dr Kim Kendall is partnering with the Cat Protection Society (CPS) to raise awareness about feline adoption by grooming homeless cats.

Read about a good awareness Dr Kendall has offered for grooming homeless cats here...

Unemployed youth put their best foot forward working with pets.
Queensland teenager Sophie Meyer is one of thousands of unemployed Australians in search of employment. The 19-year-old used to work at a day spa while studying beauty therapy but didn't fit in and eventually quit her job and the course.

Read about how young people benefit from working with pets here...

Guide Dogs voted Australia's most trusted charity, second year running.
For the second year running, Guide Dogs has been voted Australia's Most Trusted Charity in the annual Australian READER's DIGEST Most Trusted Brand poll.

Read more about Guide Dogs Australia's achievements here...

Superfoods for your dog
Phivo Christodoulou never imagined he would one day become a Master Dog Chef, inspired by his best friend, Augustine. When the loveable Boxer puppy came along in 2010, Phivo splurged on the best dog foods on the market but quickly found Augustine plagued with stomach problems.

Learn about the healing powers of food and why drugs aren't the answer...

Join our campaign to train diabetes alert dogs
We are raising $25,000 to create a scientifically-designed dog training program that will save lives.

Read how you can support diabetes dogs here...

Increasing backyard poisonings deadly to pets
Veterinarians are warning pet owners about the dangers lurking in the backyard, with the popular Brunfelsia flower topping the list. Commonly known as Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow (Brunfelsia bonodora), this plant is beautiful but deadly.

Read how you can safe your pets from deadly poisoning plants in your backyard here...

Save tax and help Guide Dogs
Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is calling on the public to help raise $1 million to fund the training of 35 new puppies to become guide dogs.

Read more about how you can help to raise some money for Guide Dogs NSW/ACT training progam here...

Pet Industry Association appoints new Chief Executive
Following the recent announcement of Roger Perkins' retirement at the end of this month, the Board has appointed Mr Mark Eagleston as the new CEO.

Read more about the new Chief Executive of PIAA here...

Christmas with the donkeys in July
Celebrating the best and most unique Christmas in July you will ever attend with the donkeys.

Read more about the eventChristmas in July here...

Parrot Trust of Australia announces Parrots 2014 Fundraising Tender
Call for donations of cash, goods, services or products. Following the amazingly successful and well received PTA Tender in 2012, we have received commitments of further very generous donations to be sold to raise funds for the benefit of the Parrot Trust.

Read more about the 2014 fundraising tender here...

Pet Industry Association Chief Executive Announces Retirement
After over four years as Chief Executive of the Pet Industry Association of Australia, Roger Perkins has announced his retirement at the end of June.

Read more about the news of Roger Perkins' retirement plan here...

Good News For Dog Rescue
Thanks to the support of over 11,000 people signing a petition recently the AWL NSW is able to have a voice on the Companion Animal Taskforce, enabling them to encourage certain initiatives like those announced by the NSW Government earlier this week.

Read more about the good news of Puppy Love petition here...

Kittens go viral at the AWLQ
Kitty Cam was officially launched today in the AWLQ kitten enclosure and is sure to entertain even the most closeted cat lover.

Read more about kitty cam here...

A Christmas marvel - feline third degree burns victim reunites with family
The six-year-old Russian feline was severely burned in the fires and spent two months receiving intensive treatment at the Animal Referral Hospital (ARH) in Homebush. How Molly survived is a mystery and the way she was found, amazing. She showed everyone that miracles do happen, with a bit of help from angels along the way.

Read the full story of Miracle Moly and the help given by ARH here...

What not to feed your pet this Christmas
As Christmas approaches we humans get wound up in the festivities and forget that this time of year presents a whole array of hazards to our pets. We want to remind you what not to feed your pet this holiday season.

Read to find out the list of healthy treats options for your pet during christmas and festive holidays here...

Woof Woof! Giant Bone Ice Sculpture at Bondi Beach
We are excited to let you know about a refreshing new treat for dogs - RUFFS ICE BONES. To mark the launch of this icy treat, dogs and their owners are invited to come along to Bondi Beach on Sunday, 8 December to see a GIANT frozen bone made of ice.

Read about Giant Bone Ice Sculpture here...

Dogs can have a smart phone too... on their nails!
Canine nail artist Zara Shaw of Newcastle, NSW, certainly 'nailed it' at the 2013 GroomEx event in Melbourne last month. The 23-year-old self-taught nail artist and professional dog groomer is "absolutely ecstatic" about winning at the prestigious contest with her IPhone APPS nail art design.

Read about the amazing canine nail art design outbreak here...

Pet friendly strata by-laws in NSW at long last
In the biggest overhaul to strata laws in New South Wales in 50 years, pets will now be allowed by default in units and apartments.

Read about the pet friendly strata by-laws here...

Creative makeovers for pampered pooches
Colourful pooches with glossy locks and painted nails gave supermodels a run for their money in Melbourne on the weekend.

Read about the prestigious GroomEx event here...

Halloween fun for kids, but not necessarily for pets
With Halloween around the corner, veterinarians are cautioning pet owners to be aware of the stresses and dangers that come with the tricks and treats.

Read how you can keep your pet safe during Halloween

Bouncer's eyes said it all
Will you help defenceless animals like Bouncer who have suffered cruelty beyond imagination?

Read how you can help AWL to protect and care for Bouncer and other dogs and cats here...

Australians love their pets more than most
As animal-lovers globally celebrate World Animal Day on 4 October, we are reminded Australia is a country that loves its pets more than most.

Read about World Animal Day here...

PM warned: Animal welfare standards non - negotiable
The RSPCA is urging Prime Minister Tony Abbott not to use animal welfare as a bargaining chip in his discussions with the Indonesian government next week.

Read about the RSPCA message for Tony Abbott here...

AWL & kind vet save cat with advanced veterinary technology
Animal Referral Hospital helps 'Save A Life' with Animal Welfare League NSW

Read about the collaboration between ARH and AWL in saving cats life here...

Pearl of Para narrowly escapes another disaster at sea
The RSPCA is calling on the new Government to commit to strengthening the live export regulatory system and expand meat export markets after more than five thousand Australian cattle on board the Israel-bound Pearl of Para were turned around at sea because of mechanical difficulties.

Read about the live export disaster here...

New dog sport unleashed: Search and found!
Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and a natural desire to hunt. Where better to unleash their natural ability than through K9 Nose Work®?

Read more about this exciting new dog sport here...

RSPCA says new abattoirs in the north a win-win
The RSPCA has welcomed the development of an abattoir on Yeeda station between Broome and Derby. This follows last week's confirmation by the Australian Agricultural Company that it will proceed with the construction of an abattoir near Darwin.

Read more about the development of an abattoir on Yeeda station here...

Good News For Kangaroos!
The Russian Government has suspended kangaroo meat imports, offering a reprieve for Australia's most iconic species.

Read more about the Australian kangaroo meat trade here...

Australia's renowned animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti has been appointed Ambassador of Animal Welfare League Australia (AWLA).
Dr Jo will be advocating for the adoption of animals from AWLA-affiliated shelters around the country and promoting AWLA campaigns aimed at strengthening the human-animal bond and positive welfare outcomes for companion animals.

Read about Dr Joanne Righetti's campaign for AWLA here...

DNA confirms elusive Night Parrot found
Work at the Western Australian Museum's recently acquired DNA laboratory has proved conclusively the Night Parrot - often referred to as the Holy Grail of ornithology - is not extinct.

Read about the existency of Night Parrots here...

GET THOSE TAILS WAGGING - Last chance to enter the Royal Melbourne Championship Dog Show 2013
Presented by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV), the Royal Melbourne Championship Dog Show attracts more than 200 breeds and anticipates over 4,000 entries to compete at the 2013 Royal Melbourne Show from Saturday, 21 to Sunday, 29 Sep 2013 at Melbourne Showgrounds.

Read about the prestige event here...

Announcement of Inspector-General of Animal Welfare and Live Animal Exports
Thousands of people, including you, have called for more accountable and transparent animal welfare standards, and we have won.

Read the announcement here...

Dog attacks highlight need to get WA new dog laws right
Western Australians Against Breed Specific Legislation (WAABSL) group responds to the dog attacks around Australia which has left one child dead. Last week, a dog attacked a young boy and his father in Perth. On the weekend, a toddler and mother were also injured in a dog attack in Queensland and a 2-year-old in NSW died after a dog attack.

Read how WA dog laws not working and about the continuing dog attacks on people and children in WA...

AAWS 7th National Workshop Communique
Animal welfare in Australia is set to take a great leap forward and meet changing community expectations through the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS).

Read the influence of Australian Animal Welfare Strategy for Australia here...

Can my pet come in too?
SEEKING STUDY PARTICIPANTS: Have you ever had to evacuate from a disaster event with a pet?

Read how you can participate here...

NSW dog lovers say NO to breed-specific killing!
Hundreds of dog lovers from around NSW are expected to March from Hyde Park to Martin Place in Sydney on Saturday, Jul 13 to voice their opposition to breed specific legislation (BSL), which has resulted in hundreds of family pets being killed by lethal injection in Victoria because of their appearance.

Read more about the protest action againts BSL here...

Winter weather brings perils for pets
From tick paralysis to smoke inhalation due to house fires, winter offers many outdoor and indoor threats to pets, but taking a few precautions will help to protect their health and safety.

Read how you can protect your pets during winter time here...

On Jun 21 (Friday) the AWLQ rehoming centres are encouraging the community and local businesses to get involved in 'Take Your Dog to Work Day' a day that promotes the bond between humans and their pets.

Read how you can can also win Take your dog to work's competition here...

Animal Welfare League Qld to reopen their doors in Ipswich
The Animal Welfare League Qld will re-open its doors on the 11th Jun more than two months after Ipswich City Council issued a suspension order after receiving allegations of animal neglect and cruelty made by a disgruntled volunteer.

Read more about the commitment of AWL QLD for Ipswich community here...

Royal Melbourne Championship Dog Show 2013
Entries to this year's highly anticipated Royal Melbourne Championship Dog Show are now open. Featuring more than 200 breeds, the Royal Melbourne Championship Dog Show attracts 4,000 entries from breeders nationally and is considered to be Australia's premier dog show event.

Read how you can participate on Royal Melbourne Championship Dog Show 2013 here...

Future Vet Kids Camp - educating and inspiring kids
At Future Vet Kids Camp in Sydney, adventurous kids aspiring to become veterinarians have done so and much more. The camp teaches nine to 16-year-olds about working with animals in a fun, educational and up-close-and-personal setting, inspiring them to make a difference in the world from a young age.

Read how you can enroll your kids to this amazing Future Vet Kids Camp Programs...

Calm Sheep Come When Called
Yass wool grower John Powell has harnessed the power of his children's pet lambs to teach 700 superfine Merino wethers to come to his call.

Read how his practices have now been noted by the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy to identify and promote new management practices for improving farm animal welfare.

RSPCA STATEMENT: Time for a change to the way we export beef from Australia
The RSPCA has made a strong statement regarding the failure of LIVE EXPORT of cattle, sheep and other farm animals.

They are proposing that Australia move to selling meat not live animals. Read their ideas...

Emergency vets warn about the dangers of canine bloat
Emergency veterinarians are seeing a spike in canine bloat cases, warning owners to be more vigilant during feeding time.

Read the signs and how to prevent Canine Bloat disease here...

Victorian dog groomer crowned 2013 Supreme Royal Grooming Champion
Four of Australia,s top dog groomers battled it out in the Pet Industry Association of Australia,s inaugural Sydney Royal Grooming Competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show last week, crowning Melanie Newman of Victoria the 2013 Supreme Royal Groomer.

Read the story behind the successful winning of Melanie Newman here...

Aquarium Import Business for Sale in NSW Due to Ill Health. Buy an aquarium business with benefits!

Read more of this fantastic opportunity with this aquarium business coming up for sale

RSPCA renews call for CCTV to be installed in all abattoirs
Following last night's ABC Lateline investigation into horrific acts of animal cruelty at a NSW abattoir the RSPCA is once again calling for CCTV to be installed in all abattoirs.

Read how important is CCTV in abattoirs in related to animal welfare

Veterinarians warn pet owners to keep treats to themselves this Easter
Veterinarians are no strangers to animals coming in with poisoning during Easter. Chocolate poisoning in dogs is a big problem, particularly dark chocolate, which contains a higher level of the toxin 'theobromine', says veterinarian Dr Sarah Goldsmid from the Animal Referral Hospital in Sydney.

Read which foods are of danger to your pet

Long paw of the law
Victoria Police and the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service have jointly saved three police dog puppies after they were left without a mother.

Read about the action of Customs and Border Protection officers here...

Pet lovers calling for changes to dangerous dog laws in WA
In the wake of state elections on Mar 9, pet lovers backed by the Labor Government in Western Australia are calling for changes to dangerous dog laws that are giving communities a false sense of security and putting thousands of innocent dogs at risk.

Read about the changes of dangerous dog laws in WA here...

You & Your Pets Survey
Animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti has a survey for pet owners about their life with their pets.

Read how you can vote the pets survey here...

Promising Cancer Treatment for Dogs Now Available in NSW
Sydney's Animal Referral Hospital (ARH) has become the first veterinary hospital in NSW to offer bone marrow transplant (BMT), a medical procedure that saves thousands of human lives each year and is now one of the most promising treatments for dogs with lymphoma.

Read more about the hope of cancer treatment for dogs here...

Bondi Vet's Dr Lisa Chimes comes on board as Cats, Canines & Cupid Ambassador
Dr Lisa Chimes, known for her role as one of the vets on Channel Ten prime time program 'Bondi Vet' is hoping to make Valentine's Day truly meaningful by coming on board as an Ambassador for the Cats, Canines & Cupid campaign.

Read more about her involvement as Cats, Canines & Cupid Ambassador here...

Make Your Valentine's Truly Meaningful
Why not make this Valentine's Day truly meaningful by raising much needed funds for Vets Beyond Borders as part of their Cats, Canines and Cupid campaign. It is a fun and exciting opportunity for pet and animal lovers from all over Australia to share the love with our furry friends overseas.

Read more about how you can contribute in the Cats, Canines and Cupid campaign...

Fireworks Frighten Furries
Every year thousands of animals suffer from the noise of fireworks. The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is reminding pet owners to follow some simple guidelines over the festive season to ensure their pets don't suffer.

A message from the Australian Veterinary Association about the impact of fireworks on pets and horses. Many pets suffer injury or get lost when fireworks are around but this can be avoided. Read more about pets and the danger of fireworks...

Pet Industry Association responds to pet "kill rates" debate
Pet stores will help to reduce the number of abandoned dogs euthanased each year with a major industry policy being rolled out across the country.

Read about the PIAA story here.

Australia Slow to Develop New Animal Health Products
Animal health care products are of extreme importance to Australian Pet Owners but Australia is lacking in the field of medicine development.

Read about the Animal health care products here.

Halloween - A Nightmare for Pets
Veterinarians are cautioning pet owners to be aware of the stresses and dangers of Halloween and to keep their pets safe.

Read how you can keep your pet safe here. There are many threats to your dog or cat during Halloween so read on to be prepared to protect your pet.

Sydney Dog Lovers to Unite Against Breed Specific Legislation
Hundreds of dog lovers are expected to gather at Martin Place in Sydney on Oct 28 to rally against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), which has forced the death of many family pets because of their Pit Bull appearance since Victoria passed the legislation last year.

Read more about the rally here

How to Pick the Perfect Pet Sitter
Pet sitters offer a valuable service, especially for pet owners who do not want to put their beloved animals into a kennel or cattery. But choosing a sitter can seem like quite a complicated choice: how do you decide on the person you are going to entrust with your pet's wellbeing? This guide covers a few of the essentials in helping you find the right person for your pet sitting assignment.

Read how to pick the perfect Pet Sitter here

Dog Grooming Competition Gold Coast 2012
What does a panda, zebra and a bumble bee have in common? They are all dogs!

See the photos of extreme dog makeovers here

Natural Solution to Dog Bites
The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) has launched a comprehensive framework detailing a national policy solution for dog bite prevention.

Read about the dog bites solution here

International Dog Groomers to Compete in Event of the Year
Dog owners are urged to support their local groomer in Australia's highest quality grooming competition of the year to be held in Aug in Sydney.

Read about the dog groomers competition's details here

RSPCA to partner with large Petbarn chain to lessen high RSPCA kill rates of dogs and cats.

Read about the Pet Adoption here

'Free range' - has anyone asked the hen??
The RSPCA says the recent debate on the stocking density of hens in free-range systems is confusing consumers and seriously jeopardising efforts to improve the welfare of hens.

Read about the free range hen welfare here

Malcolm Turnbull MP Launches Pet MRI at Sydney's Animal Referral Hospital
Malcolm Turnbull MP wrote this heartfelt message on his website when his beloved old dog, Mellie, passed away in Dec from ill health. These words now mark the hallway of Sydney's Animal Referral Hospital to dedicate the veterinary specialist centre's new high field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine to a little white dog Mr Turnbull will never forget.

Read about the MRI facility here

2012 Royal Melbourne Show Championship Dog Show
Dogs Called To Put Best Paw Forward. Entries to the prestigious Royal Melbourne Championship Dog Show, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, are now open.

Read about Royal Melbourne Show Entries here

Teachers come together to improve animal welfare
A new education program is improving the understanding and adoption of superior animal welfare practices by both students and teachers alike.

Read about Australian Animal Welfare Strategy here

What makes a good farmer?
Posing the question 'What makes a good farmer?' RSPCA Australia's Scientific Officer, Melina Tensen will be beefing up Beef Australia 2012 in Rockhampton today, as she presents on community expectations and future trends in animal welfare for beef cattle production.

Read about beef cattle guidelines here

Brindle Dogs and Puppies $100 off Adoption Fee
Brindle coloured dogs and puppies are finding it difficult to find a new family to adopt them. The AWL has decided to give them a helping hand to gain their forever family. Adopt a desexed, micro chipped, vaccinated, wormed puppy or dog for only $140. That is great value and you save a life.

Read how you can adopt a puppy dog.

Snakes seized in Kambalda
Officers from the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) and Customs and Border Protection have seized three snakes in two separate raids in Kambalda in the Goldfields region of Western Australia, including an exotic corn snake that is native to North America.

Read more about the Corn Snakes here.

Grain Checks Equal Grain Cheques!
Grain farmers around Australia are feeling some frustration with fluctuating grain prices following a mostly above average harvest season.

Read about how to improve the quality of the grain here.

The RSPCA is delighted to have 'Koko' the red kelpie, star of the hit Australian movie Red Dog, at its Malaga shelter in Western Australia for a visit.

Read about the cinema giant's support for the RSPCA and their generous donation to animal welfare.

Ticks Almost Cause A Tragedy
For those animal lovers who thought tick season was over - think again!

Read about the 5 month old puppy that survived from live-threatening paralysis tick bites.

Thousands of dollars worth of exotic parrots were stolen from a bird breeder's own home in the early hours of Friday morning 6 Jan 2012. We are asking everyone to be aware.

Read the details on the missing parrots.

Dog Health Research Grants for 2012
The Australian National Kennel Council's (ANKC) Canine Research Foundation has announced research grants awarded for 2012.

Read more about the Dog Health Research Grants for 2012. Find out who won them and what grants are available.

Scout to defend Waggiest Tail Title at Big Day Out for Dogs 2011
Miniature Longhaired Dachshund "Scout" is looking forward the Big Day Out for Dogs on Sunday, 11 Dec so she can defend her title of Waggiest Tail.

Read more about the Big Day Out for Dogs

Pet Rescue taking place around Australia around the clock
Pet and other animals are being rescued 24 hours a day all around Australia as the pet loving Australian community members spread news of the plight of abandoned pets including dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, fancy rats and mice, ferrets, horses and farmyard pets like goats, sheep, cattle, alpaca, llama and other animals that have been dumped or whose owners can't for some reason keep them anymore.

Adopt a pet yourself or just read how others are involved in pet rescue

Pet Expo 2011
Million dollar makeovers for our furry friends are taking place as this goes to air at Groomex 2011 during the Creative dog grooming competition at Sydney Showground, Olympic Park at Homebush.

See what goes on at a Dog Grooming Competition and view the amazing photos of creatively groomed dogs.

MRI just for pets: Taking pet care to a new level
Our pets can now receive the same level of care that their human family members receive in hospitals thanks to the recently installed high field MRI machine, specifically designed for companion animals, at the Animal Referral Hospital (ARH) in Sydney.

Read how MRI for animals can help veterinarians easily investigate hard-to-diagnose problems.…

Sick Pigeon Scare in Melbourne
Within the last 24 hours news has broken and the DPI has made a public statement about a very rare avian virus which has effected pigeons in Melbourne and is also zoonotic meaning it can make people sick.

Read how this pigeon virus first identified in a hobbyist pigeon loft and how to prevent its spread.…

Pet News Around Australia
The week at a glance: a roundup of everything that has happened in the Australian Pet & Horse Scene for this week.

Read short pet snippets from papers around Australia this week…

Action Call on Pit Bull Terrier
The Pet Industry Association of Australia is calling for action on the pit bull breed following the pit bull attack in Melbourne in which a 4 year old died yesterday.

Read more about the story here

As part of the ongoing battle by animal rights groups RSPCA Australia CEO Heather Neil today described as bitterly disappointing, yesterday's Senate Committee hearing into the live export trade.

Read more about the announcement here

Hendra vaccine could be available by 2012
A CSIRO-developed vaccine against Hendra virus could be available as early as 2012.

Read more about the vaccine here

More Cruelty Charges Laid Against Westpork
After a follow up investigation, more animal cruelty charges have been laid against one of Australia's largest pork producers.

Read more about the charges here

State wide cat laws proposed for Western Australia
Proposed state wide cat ownership legislation has been introduced into Western Australian State Parliament.

Read about the Cat Bill here

SOS - Save our Shelter
Financial crisis puts shelter at risk of closing!

Read more about how we can help to save the shelter

Reptile Ownership on The Rise
An increasing number of Sydney residents are adopting reptiles as pets.

Read more about reptiles as pets here...

Push for Compulsory Rabbit Desexing
A New South Wales council is pushing for mandatory desexing of pet rabbits in a bid to curb wild rabbit populations.

Read more about the push here...

Customs Australia Alert
Dogs and dog products you cannot import!

Read this information about prohibited dog product imports from Australian Customs Service.

Happy Birthday to Horses in Australia
Today is the official birthday for all Aussie horses. It began as a horse racing measure to standardize thoroughbred racing horses ages.

Read how the horses birthday on 1 Aug began as a horse racing measure and grew to become a national day for horse lovers. Watch a funny video of horses singing Happy Birthday!

Lack of pet friendly accommodation killing our pets
A lack of pet friendly accommodation is contributing to the number of animals being euthanised in Australia, say animal welfare campaigners.

Read about the impact of no pet friendly housing in Australia

AWL Pooches off to the Muttropolis Salon
The Animal Welfare League will be working with the newly opened Muttropolis Dog Spa to offer their long term dogs a well deserved makeover.

Read more about the event here

Kitty Le Chat - Cat Packer Extraordinaire
Three years ago, French couple Guillaume and Laetitia set off on a road trip from Miami that would change one cat's life for ever.

Read more about the story here

The science of dog lapping
Researchers have discovered that dogs actually 'lap' their drinks in a similar way to cats, contrary to previous beliefs.

Read more about the research here

Urban Tracking Dogs
Don't be alarmed if you see a determined dog in a harness being followed by a group of people in high visibility gear making their way through your neighbourhood. They are likely not the police, but instead competitors in the latest sport available to the Australian dog world: Urban Track & Search trials.

Read more about your local Urban Tracking Dogs

Pig Day Out!
The Cavy Rescue Network presents Pig Day Out. A day of fun at the park with your guinea pigs.

Read more about Pig Day Out event

Burnt Down Animal Welfare Shelter Re-Opens!
AWLQ Warehouse Launch Party.

AWL Queensland invite you to read about the destruction of their shelter warehouse and party to reopen new building

Fish poisoned in cruel attack!
More than $30 000 worth of tropical fish have been killed after a cruel at a pet store attack.

Is this third attack on the store Aquarium Industry related?

Fashion Week lands at the Animal Welfare League and Black is Back!
In the spirit of Fashion Week and the Black Friday weekend (13th - 15th of May), The Animal Welfare League Queensland is offering a free gift for every black dog and cat that is adopted.

Read more about the Black Cat Adoption Week

Animal Justice Party formally registered
The Australian Electoral Commission has formally registered a political party concerned with animal issues.

Read about the Animal Justice Party

Rockhampton Council pound figures 'appalling'
Newly released figures show more than 70 per cent of animals impounded in Rockhampton in Mar were euthanized.

Read about the euthanasia at the Council Pound Animal "Death Camp"

Aussie Philanthropist to fund low cost desexing clinics
An Australian businesswoman is set to build new low cost vet clinics across Australia.

Read about the new desexing clinics

Police Horse Dies at Agricultural Fair
Two police officers were hospitalised, and a horse has died, after suffering an electric shock in Western Australia.

Read about the tragic loss of Hercules the Clydesdale Horse

Rabbit Lovers Fighting for Fair on Myxomatosis Issue
Myxomatois is incurable and almost always fatal. There are multiple vaccination options, so why don't Australian rabbit owners don't have access to any of them? The Pet Directory's Ellen Magner investigates.

Read the latest on Myxomatosis in Australia...

Warning for dog owners - Camel best for riding not eating!
Some camel meat has been found to contain toxins that cause liver disease in dogs.

Read about dogs dying from eating camel meat

Hormone free chicken a 'dodgy' selling point
An advertising campaign promoting hormone free chicken has been labelled 'dodgy' by consumer groups.

Read how quick growth effects chickens and people

How do overseas retailers affect the Australian pet industry?
While the debate about the lack of GST on purchases from overseas continues, Ellen Magner from The Pet Directory takes a look at how this issue affects the pet industry in Australia.

Read what pet industry members have to say here...

Success in The Fight to Contain Bird Flu
Scientists have been able to genetically modify chickens so that they are unable to spread bird flu.

Read about the developments in the research on genetically modified chickens and bird flu.

Flood Spreads Parvovirus in Queensland
Cases of pavovirus have drastically increased following recent floods in Ipswich.

Read more about the outbreak of parvovirus

Horses, Riders and the Environment - Modern Snowy River Riders
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service has redesigned camping areas in Kosciuszko National Park to accommodate the over 1000 horses and riders using the trails each year.

Read how the NPWS has made the horse riding experience better for both horse, rider and the environment.

New role helps pet industry body drive member benefits
The Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) is seeking to improve the experience of its members and expand its membership base, with the appointment of an Event and Membership Manager.

Meet the new Pet Expo Event and Membership Manager

Australian Thieves Ride on the Back of the Sheep!
A Taiwanese student has been sentenced to 15 months in gaol for importing live shrimp into Australia.

Read more about the New South Wales sheep theft increase
Pretty Red Striped Aquarium Shrimp - Importer gets Gaol Time!
A Taiwanese student has been sentenced to 15 months in gaol for importing live shrimp into Australia.

Read about aquarium shrimp
The Pet Directory is issuing a warning to all pet rabbit owners of Myxomatosis outbreak Australia wide.
Outbreaks of Myxomatosis are occurring across Australia. This is a warning to protect your rabbits from mosquitoes and fleas.

Read about the silent deadly killer of rabbits, Myxomatosis
Cruelty Charges for Westport
Cruelty Charges for Westpork

Read more and see video footage that led WA piggery owner to court
Tough Cat Bylaws On The Way For Salisbury, SA
A South Australian council has proposed strict new bylaws on cat ownership with mandatory early age desexing and microchipping and other controls that will affect cat owners.

Read more about South Australia's feral cat problem
The Science of Cat Lapping
American scientists have discovered that cats use physics to drink.

Read more about this cat lapping discovery
Call for Pet Inclusion During Evacuation
As Australia continues to clean up after a spate of natural disasters, a call has been made to allow pets at evacuation centres.

Read more about saving pets in natural disasters
Breeder Accreditation Scheme to Compat Puppy Farming
A new accreditation scheme for dog breeders in Queensland has been set up in an attempt to combat puppy farming.

Read more about the Dog Breeder Accreditation Scheme
New Homes for Road Hazard Brumbies
Brumbies at risk of being involved in road accidents are being re-homed, rather than culled, in south east Queensland.

Read about the initiative here...
South Australian man found guilty of animal cruelty
A man has been sentenced to five months imprisonment after stabbing his ex-partner's dog and allowing it to bleed to death.

Read about the case here...
Queensland Flood Relief for Pets & Wildlife
The Animal Welfare League QLD started sending pet food and cleaning supplies to the Lockyer Valley and will also be sending more supplies, including food for displaced wildlife, as of next week.

Read about what they are doing for animals and the exact items they need donated...
Flood Relief for Animals in Need
We would like to advise our supporters that Animal Welfare League NSW is making active efforts to relieve the regions of northern New South Wales that are affected by the flood crisis.

How can you help us?
Homeless Rabbits Facing Shelter Closure
A rabbit shelter in Victoria is being shut down by their local council because of neighbourhood complaints.

Read more about the Victorian rabbit shelter closure here...
Fight to Keep Beloved Family Pet
A North Queensland man is fighting to keep his beloved family pet - a three metre saltwater crocodile named Charlie.

Read about the struggle here...
West Australian free-range chicken producer Mt Barker has become Australia's first chicken farm to join the RSPCA's Approved farming Scheme.

Read more about full events here...
The Great Cat Giveaway!
The Burwood branch of the RSPCA Australia has found a solution to the problem of rehoming cats.

Read how over 100 cats were instantly adopted...
The Australian Cavy Sanctuary Presents: PIGNIC IN THE PARK 'RELOADED' 2010
The Australian Cavy Sanctuary (ACS) is proud to once again be hosting our fourth annual animal awareness event and family fun day the "Pignic in the Park" at Teralba Park in Everton Park.

Read more about full events here...
Commuters dreams of fairy tale farms shattered!
Reality hits train and bus travellers across Australia today as Animals Australia launch the first national public awareness campaign.

Read more about how factory farmed animals conditions can be seen on buses, trams, and in railway stations...
Queensland Dogs Fight for Restaurant Rights!
Once again Queensland pets are fighting for rights they have in other Australian states. This time it is not the rabbits but the dogs!!!

Read how Queensland politicians are taking a rare stand for animal rights...
$5000 Reward Stolen Dog
2-year-old male purebred Long Coated Chihuahua stolen from the Royal Adelaide Show 8th Sep. Reward is offered.

Read the detail here...
Despicable Act - Woman pedestrian puts cat in wheelie bin!
A woman pedestrian was caught on CCTV stopping to pat a friendly moggie and putting him into a nearby wheelie bin.

See the video and
Pet Shops Rehoming Homeless Pets
With animal homelessness high in Australia, pet shops often come under fire if they sell animals. Read about a positive approach by a Brisbane pet shop for providing the public with the opportunity to buy a new pet.

Read this message from Jenni from Brisbane Pet Headquarters here...
Are you guilty of harbouring a WMP?
Has your dog or cat been desexed?

Read this message from Jenni from Brisbane Pet Headquarters here...
After 43 Years in Pet Industry Owner of Aristopet Sells!
Beaphar Group of the Netherlands has purchased Aristopet Pty Ltd and will operate as Beaphar Australia.

Read what this will mean for retailers and buyers of Aristopet products...
Good News For Rabbits and Humans
An end to animal testing chemicals for skin irritation is nigh!

Read about this wonderful initiative by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) where human 'skin' will be 'grown' in test tubes for use in testing skin reactions to chemicals instead of innocent little rabbits...
Farming Puppies for Profit
DOGS Victoria supports the RSPCA in a campaign to stop dogs being used by uncaring people operating puppy farms in Victoria.

Read more about DOGS Victoria actively pursuing the closure of puppy farms…
RSPCA commends Coles for snubbing sow stalls
Today's announcement by supermarket giant Coles that from 2014 they will no longer stock pork produced on farms where sows are confined to sow stalls is a huge leap forward for the humane food movement in Australia.

Read about the humane announcement by supermarket giant Coles…
Australian Wool Export Industry at RISK! Wool Buyer to Stop Buying Australian Wool From Cruelly Treated Lambs
John Lewis Partnership, one of Britain's largest retail companies, has taken a stand against "mulesing", a common mutilation used in Australian wool production, following a long-running campaign by PETA US to phase out this practice.

Read how Australia's wool still comes from lambs who have undergone the cruel practice of mulesing…
PIAA Announces New Grooming Courses!
The Chief Executive of the Pet Industry Association of Australia 'PIAA', Roger Perkins, today announced that an in principle Agreement had been reached with a company known as International Grooming Company 'IGC' to run a dog grooming education program around Australia under the auspices and control of the PIAA.

Read more about the dog grooming education program around Australia…
The RSPCA today applauded the Tasmanian Government's decision to phase out the use of dry sow stalls from 2014 - the first state in Australia to do so.

Read more about the Tasmanian Government's decision for the future of Australian pig farming…
Happy Paws Manager calls for all pound pets to be desexed
Dog and Cat Shelter manager Sally Rogers is calling for pounds to establish mandatory desexing of dogs and cats.

Read more about pounds perpetuating the problem of strays…
The Facts on Pet Shops
An article in Sunday's NSW Sun Herald by reporter Rachel Browne indicates, in part, that sale of animals through pet shops contribute significantly to the unacceptable high rate of euthanasia of pets in Australia...

To read more about the facts on euthanased and sheltered dogs and cats click here…
Raise a pup and protect Australia
The Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O'Connor is calling on a hundred Melburnians to do their bit to protect Australia - by raising a puppy...

To read more about the raising a pup and protecting Australia click here…
Students raise money for VIC Police Dog Squad
Parkville University High School students organised an icy pole stand and raised $275 for the Victorian Police Dog Squad...

To read more about the students raising money for the VIC Police Dog Squad click here…
Little Lost Imogen Saved by Jack Russel Terrier Sam
The fireman on the community rescue team stopped his truck and called and the brave little Jack Russel Terrier, Sam came out from the dark, cold bush with little three-year-old Imogen who was holding onto a big gum tree...

To read more about this adventurous little girl and her faithful dog click here…
Breeder Permits to help reduce euthanasia
The Animal Welfare League of Qld supports the introduction of Breeder Permits on the Gold Coast as an important step to reducing the numbers of abandoned cats and dogs which are killed because there are too many for the numbers of responsible homes available...

Find out how Breeder Permits can help reduce euthanasia...
Pet Industry Association announces Roger Perkins as new CEO
The President of the Pet Industry Association of Australia ("PIAA"), Steve Austin, announced today that the Board has appointed Roger Perkins as Chief Executive of the PIAA.

Find out more about the newly appointed CEO of PIAA...
Animal Welfare League Qld Mother's Day Appeal
Encouraging mums to adopt one of our beautiful souls looking for a home and give themselves the gift of eternal love.

Find out more about adopting a pet with Animal Welfare League Qld...
1,000 pets burned to death in UK pet factory
Fire causes unbelievable suffering and tragedy for over 1,000 beautiful animals when a pet breeding factory burned four sheds that housed guinea pigs also known as cavies, rabbits and other small pets.

Read more about the guinea pig factory fire...
Rabbit and Guinea Pig Seminar
A seminar on Rabbit and Guinea Pig health, come and join Dr Narelle Walter Thu 22nd Apr

Find out the location and date here...
Save Every Life program comes to AWL this Easter long weekend
THE Animal Welfare League will welcome back its '10th lifers' this Easter long weekend, with about 20 Save Every Life cats taking control of the boardroom from Saturday, Apr 3 until Mon, Apr 5.

Read more about the AWL Save Every Life program this Easter long weekend
Nestlé Purina PetCare Australia announced today it plans to aquire the Accessories and Treats business of The KraMar Pet Company Pty Ltd. The aquisition will take effect from 25th Mar 2010.

Read more about Nestlé Purina PetCare Australia's aquisition of the Accessories and Treats business of The KraMar Pet Company Pty Ltd
DOGS Victoria will be hosting a free public event, "Meet the Dogs of Melbourne" on Mon, 26 Apr from 12 noon at Federation Square to answer these and many more questions about showing dogs.

Read more about the event here
CHOICE Recommends RSPCA Approved Products
The RSPCA Paw of Approval has received a big thumbs up from consumer watchdog Choice, as part of their review of food labelling schemes.

Read why CHOICE approves of the RSPCA Approved Farming scheme
Major business development project for South Grafton opening Mon 15 Mar 2010
Congratulations to Chris Gough and Associates on the opening of their new state of the art veterinary hospital in South Grafton in the Clarence Valley NSW.

Come along and celebrate the new Riverbank Animal Hospital with us.
Lawyers for Animals?
Swiss newspapers have been buzzing with the special vote held on Sunday 7 2010 to introduce state funded legal representation for abused animals. The vote was defeated by 70% of Swiss voters in the controversial referendum.

Read why Switzerland takes animal welfare so seriously
Horses and Dogs - Attack at Mandurah
Mandurah where horse riding is very popular and the local Council has specific rules for the keeping of horses was in the news recently when a rehomed shelter dog attacked a horse. The horse was bitten severely on the muzzle causing a 10 cm tear.

Read about the rules here
Do Your Animals Drive You Crazy?
Many techniques that have been discovered as useful for people are just as useful for animals. A most effective method is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), developed by Gary Craig. It uses tapping on hands, face and body, to elicit great changes in behavior.

Read more about Emotional Freedom Technique For All Animals by Yvette Eastman
Giant Panda to Emigrate to China from USA
Tai Shan the famous giant panda cub is on his way to China to join a breeding program to help save the wild giant panda population. See a video of Tai Shan in the snow at his going away party.

Watch the panda cub turn to face the camera when a little girl calls his name...
With the Rain come the Rats and the Cats
Cats have taken on an improved status in a small country town of Julia Creek. The early rain has brought rats in search of food to the Julia Creek area near Winton Queensland. This has caused the McKinlay Shire Council in the north-west of Queensland to place a moratorium on its cat bounty.

Read about the feline and rodent situation in the country town of Julia Creek here...
PETWORKS KEPERRA had a cute white Pomeranian puppy stolen.
PETWORKS KEPERRA had a cute white Pomeranian puppy stolen but happily returned by police.

Read about Petwork's bad start to the year with a happy ending.
Farmers Barred From Cutting Cows' Tails
Dairy farmers are barred from cutting cows' tails in California from Jan 2010 onwards.

Read more on the decision made about the cows' tail here...
Seven Australian Lizards sent back to bush for Christmas!
Seven lizards caught wild from the bush were seized in a raid by DSE. A North Bendigo man is facing up to three years jail and $40,000 fine if proven guilty of the charges of possessing wildlife taken unlawfully and for keeping protected wildlife without a licence.

Read on for more about the seven Aussie lizards seized...
Court Denies Return of Illegal Birds to Importer
A Victorian court has denied the return of 173 exotic birds to their keeper after finding they had been illegally imported into the country.

Read more about this win for Australia's fight against illegal wildlife trade...
CITES & INTERPOL Joint Forces to Combat Tiger Poaching
Tigers in Asia are rapidly becoming extinct in many areas and endangered in others. international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants threatens their survival. A CITES-INTERPOL law enforcement intelligence training for tiger range States was held in Jakarta, from 30 Nov to 4 Dec.

Read more about the loss of tigers in Asia and what is being done...
Tammy the Rare Tamworth Pig is a Mum!
Tammy is one of very few Tamworth pigs in Australia today. On the 27th Nov 2009, Tammy the performing, princess Tamworth pig gave birth to 7 little Tamworths.

Read more about the birth and see cute and rare photos of Tammy and her piglets
Australians say no to live export as the Festival of Sacrifice commences in the Middle East
The largest single petition ever lodged with the Rudd Government's Petitions Committee includes the signatures of over 34,000 Australians opposed to live animal exports to the Middle East.

Read about Australian community outrage over the Muslim slaughter of Australian animals exported live to the Middle East
Therapy Dogs take on a new role
The DOGS Victoria Therapy Dogs have traditionally visited residents in aged care homes. The benefit of having these dogs visit is undeniable and program organiser Nicky Abell wanted to share those benefits with even more people and is currently working hard to expand the reach of the Therapy Dog Program.

Learn more about the Therapy Dog Program and how you can help.
Forever Homes Appeal
My name is Africa. I am one of thousands of dogs at the RSPCA who found my forever home thanks to you. Our stories are different. But our needs are the same. And they are simple. We just want to give love and to feel love. Can you help us?

Read how you can help Africa and his friends
There are eight jockeys taking to the field in the Melbourne Cup who the RSPCA believes are showing real leadership in horse welfare.

Find out who eight jockeys are here...
2 Labradors Seeking Home
We are moving overseas in just 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I have still not been able to find a good home for Cookie and Coco . We're not able to take our beloved doggies with us and I've been desperately trying to find a home for both of them 'together'

Read how you can adopt Cookie and Coco here
Pet Industry Trends
The Pet Industry has come up tops in recent statistics with it boosting up the CPI of the recreation industry which had fallen in the last quarter.

Read statistics on the recent 2009 growth in the pet industry.
Sydney's most popular family Expo is on again full of great attractions and non-stop entertainment to delight Expo visitors. This year's Expo promises to be the biggest and best ever with over 150 exhibitors taking part and a huge variety of pets and animals to see. It's a great fun day out that's sure to please every member of the family.

Find out more about Sydney Pet and Animal Expo here
Maltese Dog labelled a "Terriorist"
Sad news stuck the airlines today when it was announced that the Maltese 'Terrier' has been put on the dangerous dogs list in NSW.

Read more about how this happened and a factual defence of the Maltese Dog now labelled as a terrorist amongst dogs in NSW.
The Glamorous World of The Australian Pet Trade
View photos of pet product stands, extraordinary dogs, new pet products, interesting pet traders and glamorous people at the trade only Pet Expo.

Get a glimpse into the little known world of the pet industry.
Don't miss out! Enrol and Pay Upfront before 31st OCT 2009 and only pay $3,000 (Including All Course Manuals and Notes)!

Read more about the EMT Courses and download the form here
Australian National Basset Hound Show
Victoria will host a National Basset Hound dog show on Saturday, 31 Oct. Bassets and the people who love them will come from New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and even New Zealand and Malaysia.

Read more about the Basset Hound Show Events here
News Flash! The 2009 Pet Trade Expo beings Mon 19th Oct!
The 2009 Australian Pet Industry Association Pet Expo is to be held at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre 19th - 21st Oct. This is Australia's largest & only trade exhibition of pet and aquaria products & accessories.

Find out everything about the Pet Expo including timetable of events and talks, trade show etc here
RSPCA NSW taking a radical, new approach to rehoming!
RSPCA NSW's latest appeal hit households this week and focused on the upcoming RSPCA Care Centre - an adoption centre and outpatient vet clinic that will be opened in Rouse Hill by the end of this year.

Find out about the new approach from RSPCA!
Ending Live Sheep Exports would Create Jobs
A new report released today by economists ACIL Tasman, has revealed that ending live sheep exports would benefit the economy and create Australian jobs.

Find out about the impact of Endling Live Sheep Exports with current Australian economic condition!
The inaugural Toowoomba Pet and Animal Expo is a fantastic opportunity for the Pet Industry and local retailers to generate additional sales, promote products and services, and create brand awareness.

Find out about the new pet and animal expo!
'Proud Pet Parents' get to show the world they love their pets, while supporting animals in need.

Find out how to make a difference with your pet's photo!
Like Father Like Son at the Royal Melbourne Show!
Dog showing is something that people of all ages can enjoy. Juniors can begin from the age of seven and you are never too old to have the companionship of a dog. Many families have several generations of dog lovers and may even find themselves competing against each other in the show ring.

Read this delightful story about the success of father and son (human) at the largest dog show in the southern hemisphere!
The Australian Jockeys Association may have won by a nose but the RSPCA is warning jockeys that from this point on they will have a lot of eyes on them every time they whip their horses.

What is the compromise?
Racing Board Decision Puts Horses First
The RSPCA has congratulated the Australian Racing Board for standing firm on the new whip rules and not giving in to a vocal minority.

Read the update for the good news...
RSPCA Urges Racing Board to Hold Firm in Whips
The RSPCA says any easing of the new whip rules would be a major step backwards for animal welfare and the Australian racing industry.

Read more about the RSPCA's position on the use of whips in horse races...
Should breeders be inbreeding or line breeding?
Pedigree Dogs Exposed: RSPCA calls for change. Pedigree dog breeders in Australia have a tremendous opportunity to lead by example and fundamentally change the way dogs are bred in this country.

Read about RSPCA calling for an end to inbreeding of purebred dogs...
Swine flu confirmed at a Queensland piggery
Test results on samples taken from a Queensland piggery near Dalby are positive for Influenza A H1N1. Biosecurity Queensland Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Ron Glanville said it was now confirmed that the piggery near Dalby had positive results for the human pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza strain.

Read more about the progress of events on the infected piggery...
Dark cloud of the Hendra virus hangs over horses again
Test samples taken from a horse at a Cawarral horse nursery property have come back positive for the horse having been exposed to Hendra virus.

Read more about the events taking place on the property and how national biosecurity policy would affect horses and their owners if they contract the disease...
Animal Welfare League Qld Fundraising Dinner & Silent Auction
The Animal Welfare League was broken in to recently and approx. $10,000 was stolen. Money that is desperately needed to continue providing the care, shelter, and rehoming of dogs and cats.

To find out how you can help The Animal Welfare League click here...
Professional Horse Message Intensive VIC Course Announced 2010
This course conducted over three blocks spreading over six months will enable you to understand fundamental principles and the terminology of equine anatomy, physiology and applied techniques.

Read more about the Equine Myofunctional Therapy Certificate Victorian Intensive Course 2010
There is a lot of discussion currently about what we eat and how we process food as well as the farming practices of both crop and animal produce and how they impact on the environment.

Read about a special event being held in Sunnybank Queensland on this Sunday 30 Aug 2009.
Stolen Birds Alert!
Attention bird and animal lovers! Sometime between Sunday 15th and Tue 17th the following birds were stolen from a David Smeaton in South Australia. Be on the alert for new birds in your neighbourhood (anywhere in Australia as thieves often move birds interstate to avoid detection) . Look out for Sun Conures, Red-collared Lorikeet, Moustache Parrots and Macaws. Some are breeding birds while some are the daughters pet birds.

Click to read descriptions and contact details.
Last chance to WIN One Million Dollars if you are a pet owner and you buy Hill's Science Diet products from your vet or favourite pet shop.

Click here to enter the competition which closes on 31st Aug 2009.
Show results from Adelaide Royal Show Animal Events
Some of you in the animal community may know some of the winners of the prestigious awards at the Adelaide Royal Show.

Click here to see more...
Help a daughter to find her father's dog.
Jodi's last promise to her father was to look after his dogs if he didn't return from his inland Australia trip.

Read Jodi's incredible story and see if you can help to find her late father's wonderful dog.
The Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) State Coordinator Troy Grzelka has arranged a Mix and Mingle "Meet and Greet" PIAA meeting for Sat 29 Aug 2009.

Find out more about the event details here
The Pet Barn Nerang achieves Pet Industries "Gold Class" Accreditation
The Pet Barn Nerang of 19 Hinkler Drive, Nerang has recently achieved Accreditation status with the Pet Industry Association of Australia - the Peak Body

Read more about The Pet Barn Nerang's achievement in the Pet Industry
Rare Breed Dog Show
The Upcoming Utility Dog Club's Rare Breeds Show will feature fifteen breeds rarely seen in Australia including the Portuguese Water Dog, the breed chosen by US Presidential family the Obamas as the "first puppy". 

Read more about Rare Breed Dog Show
Thought to be extinct lizard found in NT
It was a stroke of luck that a Northern Territory government ecologist, Chris Pavey found more than 18 of these forgotten reptiles. 

Read more about the find of 'Ophidiocephalus taeniatus' or common name Bronzeback Legless Lizard...
Dog Massage Course by National College of Traditional Medicine
This course has been designed for all those with a love of dogs and an interest in improving their health and wellbeing with the gentle but powerful therapy of massage.

Find out more about the courses and how you can enroll!
Poodles aren't the only ones
Poodles are probably the best known low-shedding breed of dog with their distinctive curly coat that can be clipped into a number of different styles, but Poodles aren't the only breed of dog that suits allergy sufferers.

Find out more non shedding breeds here...
Poodles at School
Forty-two Early Learning Centre 4 (ELC) children at Firbank Grammar Brighton received a memorable visit by 3 Poodles!

Read more about the excitement that these poodles brings to the childrens
More than 36,000 Australian farm animals died last year while being transported overseas for slaughter. They died from starvation, salmonellosis, heat stress, injury, or pneumonia.

The live export industry's annual Shipboard Performance Report, released this week, publishes the mortality statistics from the live export journeys of sheep, cattle and goats. ...

Read and consider if mortality rates are a true indicator of animal welfare for live exports.
Free Hound House Kennel at the PIAA QLD Branch Meeting
Get a totally free Hound House kennel just by turning up at the PIAA QLD Branch meeting on Wednesday 8th Jul from 7 pm at the meeting venue...

Find out where the meeting is where you can get a free Hound House Kennel and hear about Microchipping...
More than $1/4 million raised to help dog owners affected by the bushfires
The International Virtual Dog Show was the fundraising effort DOGS Victoria used to kick off its bushfire appeal fund in Feb this year. We ended up receiving 8,796 entries in just one month. At $10 per dog, this raised $87,960 toward the total that would eventually surpass $326,000. These funds are being used to help dog owners care for their dogs as they rebuild or relocate...

Click to read more about helping the dog owners affected by the bushfires...
"Flying piglet" stunt backfires.
A stunt by Gold Coast radio station Gold FM has outraged animal lovers and RSPCA Qld has been inundated with complaints about the incident.

Click to read more about the flying pig stunt that received complaints...
Cupcake Day for the RSPCA 2009!
The biggest bake-off in the Southern Hemisphere is back - Cupcake Day for the RSPCA!

Click to read more about the RSPCA's Cupcake Day, register, buy cupcakes or merchandise...
Dogs in the News
* Tiny Puppy flushed down drain by toddler

* Mastiff cross found eating old man

RSPCA and Bob Irwin Slam Croc Safari Hunting
The Federal Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, has been urged to reject the Northern Territory Government's proposal to allow tourists to shoot crocodiles on safari hunting tours.

Read what the RSPCA Australia and Steve Irwin's dad have to say on crocodile hunting
Jack Russell's life saved by Gold Coast lifeguard
Hilary Smith was running up the beach with her lifeless dog, "Betty Boo" calling for help. She had lost him in the surf and then found him buried in sand and quite lifeless. Lifeguard David Smith gave mouth to snout resucitation bringing the dog back to life.

Read how Gold Coast Lifeguard save Betty Boo's life...
Arrow spears kangaroo's head in cruel attack
Many alarmed at the cruel shooting of two Eastern Grey Kangaroos (Macropus giganteus) by bow and arrows in the outer north of Melbourne. One with an arrow going right through its head from side to side piecing bone and nasal cavity, the other found two days earlier with an arrow through its rump.

Read how Melbourne Zoo helped the wounded Kangaroo
Man's fear and lack of bird knowledge leads to death of seagull
If people haven't been brought up to admire, learn about, and care for birds and other animals it can sometimes lead to acts of cruelty such as what occurred in Laguna Beach California when a man beat a Heermann's gull (Larus heermanni) with a stick when it tried to eat his wife's dropped ice cream.

Read more about this vicious attack on a near threatened species of gull...
Animals Honoured Through National War Memorial
The role of animals throughout Australia's wartime history will be honoured this morning with the unveiling of Australia's first National Memorial to Animals in War.

Read about the Australia's first National Memorial to Animals in War
Renting a home using a Pet Resume!
Whether you are a wildlife carer or a dog owner or one of the other millions of Australians that own a pet, a Pet Resume just might get you out of trouble and keep your pet out of the pound! Renting with a pet can be a real headache. It is already hard enough to find a suitable rental home but add one or more pets to the mix and you have pretty much quadrupled your problems. 

Read how you can better prepare to get the pick of rental homes that will accept your pet by following a set formula for success and by the use of a Pet Rental Resume for your furry, feathery or scaly friend.
The Horrific Deaths of Five Horses This Year Alone Have Been in Vain
The RSPCA is appalled with Racing Victoria's decision to allow jumps racing in Victoria to continue. The tragic deaths of five horses already in the 2009 season have been in vain. 

Read about the RSPCA fight for horse welfare in Victoria
The Federal Government will invest 11 cents for every animal exported overseas for slaughter in a dismal attempt to address the massive welfare problems ailing animals in the industry. 

Read more about Budget Fails Animals and Export Jobs
US Breeder Sentenced to 90 Days in Jail for Animal Cruelty
A big breakthrough for animal welfare is being heralded by the pet industry in the USA as an end to an ongoing problem breeder known to perform her own surgery on the dogs she housed without a veterinary degree. 

Read how this renegade breeder came to justice
Bushland Purchase Protects Queensland Habitat
A private bushland property on Brisbane's outskirts, home to a number of Queensland koalas, will now be protected forever as part of Australia's National Reserve System, our nation's most secure way of protecting native habitat.

Read more about Bushland Purchase Protects Queensland Habitat
Pigeon Smuggler's Wings Clipped
Customs and Border Protection has thwarted an attempt to smuggle two live pigeons, two bird eggs and plant seeds into Australia concealed on a passenger's body.

Read more about how the smuggler's got caught
We are pleased to announce that CRB Partners acquired Aquarium Industries today. CRB is an Australian, family owned business with a strong interest in the aquarium and fish industry.

Read more about the new owners for Aquarium Industries
Green Pig Farming
Some pig farmers both in Australia and the USA are finding ways to farm greener which can assist with stopping the effectiveness of human antibiotics by creating a better living environment for their pigs and thus eliminating systematic dosing of antibiotics that can be passed on to humans through meat and reduce their effectiveness in our systems. Here is the story of how one US and one Australian pig farmer are using green farming to improve the lives of their pigs, and the quality of their produce while helping the environment.

Read more about Green Pig Farming
Saving a Toddler's Life is "For the Birds!"
Quaker parrot yells "Mama, Baby, Mama, Baby" bringing the sitter and mother running to rescue a choking toddler.

Read more about Saving a Toddler's Life is "For the Birds!"
Dog trapped on remote tropical Australian island a lost pet!
A blue cattle dog trapped by wildlife rangers turned out to be "Sophie", a pet owned by a Sydney couple who lost her overboard during rough weather while sailing off the coast of Mackay in North Queensland waters. They apparently circled for one hour looking for her when they realised she was missing.

Read more about "Shopie" journey
Follow the link to journey on "The Great Eggscape", an Easter adventure!
Check out this animated cartoon.

Find out more about "The Great Eggscape"
Parrot Society presents "Step Up: Parrots and People Learning Together with Barbara Heidenreich USA"
Don't miss Barbara's only Australian Appearance in 2009!

Find out more about Parrots and People Learning Together event!
World first for the Budgerigars!
Budgerigar show in Pakistan judged via internet by Australian judge!

Read more about the Budgerigar show judged via internet...
"If you go out in the woods today..." beware of the deer shooters
Deer in NSW Australia were the focus of gun toting shooters on Saturday after a government funded media campaign attracted thousands of people out to shoot deer in the State forest. This coincides with the opening of the duck shooting season in the South Australian wetlands which due to public opposition has been shortened to two months.

Read more about deer shooters...
Will some lucky pets get the $900 Government handout?
Joe Hockey as opposition treasury spokesperson has accused the Government of including pets in the $900 cash handout for tax payers! According to statistics, hundreds of dog and cat owners leave some or all of their money to their beloved pets in their will.

Read more whether lucky pets will get $900 from Government
Paradise Dog Grooming achieves Pet Industries Gold Class Accreditation
Paradise Dog Grooming of 13 Grice Ave, Paradise Point has recently achieved Accreditation status with the Pet Industry Association of Australia - the Peak Body.

Read more about the Gold Class Accreditation achieved by Paradise Dog Grooming
The 2009 Australian Frog and Reptile Show 1st 2nd 3rd May 2009
Held over the 1st three days of May this year at Sydney's Castle Hill Showground, The Australian Frog and Reptile Show provides a platform for retailers to specifically target customers with their reptile and amphibian related products.

Read more about The 2009 Australian Frog and Reptile Show
Labrador Fun Day
The Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria is pleased to present an evening of family fun for anyone with a Labrador or anyone who has thought about adding a Lab to their family and wants to learn more about the breed on Saturday, 14 Mar, FREE ENTRY.

Read more about The Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria event
The Pig Day Out
The world looses 3 breeds of domestic livestock every month to extinction... Come See... Come Hear... Come Touch... Come Taste... Saturday 7th Mar - 53 Helidon Dip Road Helidon.

Read more about The Pig Day Out
DOGS Victoria response to the bushfires
When the news of the fires reached the staff of DOGS Victoria early this month, we knew that many of our members would be affected. On the monday morning the focus was entirely on keeping the website updated with the status of members around the state, setting up a bushfire appeal fund and generally providing as much information as possible to members.

Read more about DOGS Victoria response to the bushfires
International Virtual Dog Show (Fundraiser for those affected by the Victorian bushfires)
In response to the bushfires that have ravaged through the Australian state of Victoria, DOGS Victoria (the state body of the ANKC) has set up a bushfire appeal with all money donated to this fund going to assisting anyone who needs help caring for their dog after the fires.

Read more about how you can help to raise a fund for those affected by the Victorian bushfires
Victorian Bush Fire Appeals and Assistance for Dogs and other Pets
The Pet Directory extends its sympathy to the victims of the bushfires. This is a tragic time for the nation and many of us would like to assist with donations of money or goods. Here are a list of funds that have been set up for people and for dogs, cats and other pets left homeless by the fires.

Read more about the Victorian Bush Fire Appeals and Assistance for Dogs and other Pets...
Vet offers words of caution: Hooves and the effect of fire
A word from The Pet Directory's Resident Horse Vet in Victoria on the effects of bush fire on horses, cattle and other livestock.

Read what the Farrier Vet, Dr Judith Mullholland has to say about overheating of hooves and feet caused by fire....
Cat Smart campaign urges purr-fect pet ownership
The Queensland Government has taken another step in its drive to stamp out irresponsible pet ownership with the launch of a new campaign aimed at reducing the high euthanasia rates for cats and kittens.

Read how to look after your cat and promote responsible pet ownership...
Puppies at Play
If you've recently added or are planning to add the joy of a puppy to your family, don't miss the Puppies at Play segment at the 2009 Pet and Animal Expo presented by DOGS Victoria.

Read about Puppies at Play segment at the 2009 Pet and Animal Expo...
The Victorian Reptile and Amphibian Reptile Expo
The expo will be on 28th Feb, 2009. Nicholas Hall, Royal Melbourne Showgrounds, gate 5 (Follow the signs and the crowd!). A family day out to be remembered.

Read about the The Victorian Reptile and Amphibian Reptile Expo...
Tails of the City
Notice to members! As a member of The Pet Directory Network we are excited about a current pet exhibition and would like you to help us spread the word by telling others that love animals and have an interest in pet ownership. Print this news page and present to receive a free copy of The Pet Directory valued at $25!

Read about the "Tails of the City" exhibition at the Museum of Sydney...
Is your dog a calendar star?
Home Timber and Hardware is looking for 12 top dogs and their homes from all over Australia to star in the HOME "Dogs and their Homes" 2010 calendar.

Read about "Dogs and their Homes" 2010 calendar...
National Rabbit Week
In contrast to Queensland Australia where rabbit owners hide from the law, Britain celebrates National Rabbit Week 24th - 30th Jan. Pet food company Burgess is running this event for the third year with pet stores putting on special promotions with training and special bunny offerings and receiving display kits from Burgess.

How is this for a Rabbit Show?
Visit the Bradford Small Animal show website to read about this huge small animal show with over 3000 Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Hamsters, Mice and Rats attending the show over two days. This show is known as the "Crufts of the Small Animal world"!

The RSPCA's growing list of Choose Wisely restaurants is increasing demand for barn-laid and free-range eggs, with 435,456 eggs every year no longer being sourced from caged hens.

2009 RSPCA Australia Scientific Seminar
The RSPCA Australia Scientific Seminar 2009 will broadly examine the interaction between animals and human health from the perspectives of both human health impacts and animal welfare.

Numbat population gets a boost at Ravensthorpe
The future is looking up for Western Australia's native mammal emblem, the numbat, following the release of 13 wild and captive-bred numbats into a site near Ravensthorpe this month.

2009 is the year to end the cruel trade of Indias dancing bears
Nose ring off, the music is over for so called Dancing Bears who begin their journey to a happier daily existence in the hands of workers from the UK charity, International Animal Rescue. Working tirelessly they have freed 500 dancing bears from the cruel performance of dancing on the streets of India.

Doggywood for pet lovers at the New Mardi Gras 30th Birthday!
Once again Doggywood will form part of Fair Day at the Mardi Gras in Sydney on Sunday 15th Feb 2009 at Victoria Park.

Big news for the Horse Community! Australia is now free from Equine Influenza!
DPI surveillance is over and the rest of the world can be convinced that Australia is clean of the disease finally! Bruce Christie, Chief Veterinary Officer of NSW, in his letter to the horse industry 22 Dec 08, congratulates the equine community on their join efforts to eradicate the disease. 

Pet Shops benefitting from economic downturn this Christmas
Customers are focussing on the essentials like food but also buying collars, toys etc. but not going for the Christmas gimmicks such as pet Christmas stockings for under the tree...

Pet owners should stay vigilant after chicken treat recall
In response to the voluntary recall of KraMar Supa Naturals Chicken Breast Strips, the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is urging dog owners to monitor their dogs, health.

If you thought silly season was only for people, think again!
Christmas will come early for dogs this year at the Big Day Out for Dogs, bringing your pampered pooch all the things usually reserved for people this time of year.

Inviting You To The Velma's Pets As Therapy Christmas Picnic!
Greetings Pets As Therapy Volunteers, Course Students, Pet Lovers and Supporters,

It is that time again... yes... Christmas!

Problem: Barking Dog | Solution: Big Day Out for DOGS
"DOGS Victoria offers a variety of dog sports that help keep dogs' minds and feet active such as Agility, Jumping, Lure Coursing, Obedience, Lure Racing, Retrieving and Herding." All of these events will be on display at the Big Day Out for Dogs on Sunday, 14 Dec.

Every dog can be a winner at the Big Day Out
DOGS Victoria's Big Day Out for Dogs is just around the corner on Sunday, 14 Dec and everyone is invited to bring their dog down to KCC Park* for a fun-filled day out. The Companion Dog Club will host the Fun Competitions that are open to all dogs in attendance. There is no entry fee, just be in the front area at noon to join in the fun.

Eagle Pack Pet Foods - Statement to customers
Eagle Pack, as an importer of high quality pet food uses human grade ingredients only in our food and does not apply any un-natural chemical preservatives in the presentation of our food. We would also like to assure our customers that whilst Eagle Pack is produced in the USA we are not linked to Champion Pet Foods (producing Orijen Pet Foods).

Pets' Party is POSTPONED
Pets' Party is postponed. Keep an eye on the website for further details.

Pets' Party
Lets have a pets party!! Rain, Hail, Shine .. THIS SATURDAY at RSPCA Shelter

The RSPCA today reiterated that it expects Australian wool producers to phase out mulesing by 2010. RSPCA Australia CEO, Heather Neil, said the industry had made significant progress in developing more humane alternatives to reducing the risks of flystrike...

The Canine Christmas Market
The Big Day Out for Dogs has a lot to offer for backyard dogs who want to let off a little steam by running the Agility Course or racing their new doggy-pals in the Lure Racing, but what about the pampered pooches who aren't so inclined to get their manicured toenails dirty?

FUR Fighters Follow Actress!
Lindsay Lohan may need to re-think her wardrobe after being attacked by animal rights activists for wearing a fur stole made of real animal fur. Flour 'bombs' were thrown at the actress. She was cleaned off by helpers and resumed her Saturday night out with a pose on the red carpet at the VIP Room Theatre with her disc jockey friend Samantha Ronson.

The Big Day Out for Dogs
Make plans now to attend the 2nd annual Big Day Out for Dogs on Sunday, 14 Dec from 10.30am at KCC Park in Skye.

Special Invitation from Directors of Red Hill Gallery
Please join us at Red Hill Gallery this Friday night from 6pm to enjoy some champagne, good company and to meet Paul Margocsy...

Very interesting news from the RSPCA in the ACT: Santa Paws and how he can help homeless animals || Judge giving tough sentence for cruelty to pet ferrets || Pets' Party at the shelter: learn to teach your dog tricks || Sponsor a kennel or cat house with your name on it in gold!

The Right Dog for the Job!
It is important to research breeds before purchasing a puppy. Find out which breeds less likely to aggravate allergies!

Rabbits welcome in Queensland!
Rabbits have been welcomed as a non native animal that has proven to live without threat to the environment in Currawinya National Park.

Animals Asia calls for action as pathologists warn of contaminants in bear bile
Animals Asia Foundation has called on the Chinese authorities to look urgently into the possible harmful side-effects of contaminated bear bile sold as a cure-all in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The foundation has also relayed its concerns to the Hong Kong Secretary for Food and Health, Dr York Chow, and the World Health Organisation.

Designer Corals?
We have all heard of "designer dogs" but now we may be looking at the advent of "designer corals" as Rare corals in endangered ocean reefs begin to cross breed with other coral species in a last ditch attempt to save themselves from extinction. Read more about how corals faced with a lack of breeding partners solve their dilemma.

Minister Announces World Heritage funding for the region
Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, Peter Garrett announced more than $13 million for World Heritage projects in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific at the Pacific Islands World Heritage Workshop in Cairns.

Santa Paws is Coming!
You and your pet can have your photograph taken with Santa for this coming Christmas! Find the dates or email RSPCA for more details.

News Flash from Pet Industry Association of Australia!
NSW Pet Shop Code, Commercial Dog Washing Services and Groomers!

While the bad news is that Dr Harry Cooper is unable to attend the Pets, Day Out at Ballam Park on Sunday, 12 Oct, the good news is that Dr Katrina Warren, his famous partner from the television hit Harry,s Practice, will be the new special guest on the day...

Pet shop puppies saved from toxic fumes from nearby carpet shop at around 8pm on 5 Oct 2008
More than 30 puppies have been saved by police...

Big Brother is Now Watching Your Dog!
Councils to consider DNA testing to identify owners who do not pick up their dog's poop in the park!

New South Wales pet shops have been sent a revised code of practice that is now enforceable under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Regulation, 2005...

Aqis Ruling Panders To Live Export Lobby
The RSPCA today slammed a decision by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) to yield to the live export lobby and continue to allow sheep to be packed on voyages to the Middle East.

Horse Flu Hits Again
Spring Carnival time and Horse flu raises its ugly head again. This is something that the organisers of the 148th Melbourne Cup Carnival certainly did not need at this time of the year.

The 12th China International Pet Show
CIPS---the largest pet trade show in Asia! The grand gathering of world pet professionals is coming! Free registration as a visitor now on! ...

New Animal Cruelty Laws for SA
Next month will see the introduction of very tough penalties for animal cruelty with fines of up to $20,000 or two years jail....

Domestic Cat Skinned Alive
Police are looking for anyone who has information about a skinned and gutted cat that was found on Thu hanging from a street sign at around 11 a.m. ...

Ancient Amber enters the pet market!
Amber has long been admired for its beauty and worn as jewellery and amulets since ancient times. It is now making the news as a pet flea remedy and pet jewellery too!

Rare Chicken Rescue: A rare poultry breeder is on a mission around Australia to find and preserve threatened chickens.
Rare Chicken Rescue Showing Times: ABC1 - 4:30pm Saturday, 27 Sep 2008 | ABC2 - 7:55pm Wednesday, 17 Sep 2008

The RSPCA today said it was time for animal welfare groups to be less compromising and to encourage more people to make their voice heard if animal welfare is going to improve in Australia...

Laidley Conference 4th / 5th Oct 2008 **Agricultural Shows - Today and Beyond**
QCAS Conference to be held in Laidley. All interested parties are welcome to attend. It is always a great weekend and lots of information is available....

Super Dog
Even after losing an eye, Panshanger will be competing at the National Agility Competition this weekend...

Pedigreed Dogs Do Make the Best Pets
Dog owners the world over have been buzzing with the recent show on the BBC, also posted on YouTube and followed up by channel SBS, calling into question the ethics and practices of purebred dog breeders in Australia...

First Ever in Victoria - PIAA and The Pet Directory Victoria Grooming Competition
The first Victorian State Grooming Competition supported by PIAA, Box Hill TAFE and our major sponsor The Pet Directory was held over one day on Saturday the 24th of Aug. And what a great day it was! ...

Agility - On the Move
National Agility Trial to be held in Victoria at KCC Park...

The Doggy Fantastic Camping Weekend
Introducing the inaugural Doggy Fantastic Camping and Music Weekend at Neurum Creek Bush Retreat Caboolture Qld from Friday 29 to 31 Aug...

Australian World Animal Day Ambassador Announced
Recently the Australian Ambassador was announced as Pam Ahern, the founder of Edgar,s Mission Farm Sanctuary in Willowmavin, via Kilmore, Victoria...

Savannah cat banned
Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett has banned the Savannah cat from being brought into Australia finding it poses an extreme risk to Australia,s environment and biodiversity.

Animal Tests Replaced with non-animal teaching methods in Taiwan university
The National Taiwan University College of Medicine-Taiwan's leading medical school-after being provided with information about sophisticated non-animal teaching methods, has cancelled its pharmacology experiments. In the experiments, students were asked to inject the toxic chemical strychnine into mice, watch the animals convulse in agony, and record the animals' times of death...

PIAA, The Pet Industry Association of Australia - NEW CONSTITUTION AND NEW BOARD
More members voted than in the history of PIAA on the motion "that the Constitution of the Company be repealed and replaced in its entirety". The new constitution was accepted by a majority vote of members with 93% in favour of the major overhaul of the PIAA constitution.

Visit the PIAA website
Environment Minister, Peter Garrett has approved the construction of the new Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth following agreement with the West Australian Government on a substantial package of measures to protect the endangered Carnaby,s Black Cockatoo.

Moving to a Higher Level
It is less than two weeks until the prestigious National Obedience Trials come to Victoria. The most advanced dogs from all around Australia can be seen Aug 2-3 at KCC Park competing for trophies, ribbons and the coveted Top Dog title.

This Wednesday Jamie Oliver will empower Australian consumers with the knowledge to help them make informed decisions that will improve the lives of millions of layer and meat chickens across the country...

A new survey by consumer group Choice has reinforced the need for stricter labelling and regulation for free range eggs in Australia. The survey revealed that...

Harrods opens the largest ever pet emporiuim
Harrods is set to open a new pet department later this month that will be three times larger than the existing space devoted to animals.

Faithful Maltese fights to the death
One Maltese was rendered near death from horrific injuries caused by a machete and the other suffered internal injuries from being kicked as it bravely fought to defend their owners from three male attackers.

Where do people buy their new puppy or kitten?
There is always debate about this in the media and within the pet industry. You can vote on the poll yourself at the click of a button.

Madonna guards her empty nest...
We all know a lot of empty nesters migrate to the Gold Coast but Madonna the female crocodile at David Fleay Wildlife Park has put a different slant on the story.

Animals in the News
Click to read interesting animal news stories making headlines. Topics: * Track your lost dog by phone! *Robot pet hair vacuum *Love a Lovebird? *New Aussie Shark found *Muddy Goat Disease in North Queensland

Special Trade Exhibition For The Grooming and Boarding Industries Announced
The Pet Industry Association of Australia is pleased to advise that exhibition space is available in conjunction with the annual national conferences for groomers and boarders (AusGroom and AusBoard)

Animal Welfare must factor in Australia's Farming Future
Australian farmers have a prime opportunity to take advantage of the growing demand for animal welfare friendly products and governments at all levels must help facilitate change, RSPCA Australia said today.

First ever public PIAA Grooming Competition held in Brisbane.
The Pet Directory was the major sponsor of the very first ever publicly held PIAA Grooming competition at the Spectacular Petacular pet expo held on the weekend 15th and 16th Mar at the RNA Showgrounds.

Take care of your rabbit this Easter
The Australian Veterinary Association is urging rabbit owners to take care of their bunnies this Easter, offering 5 top tips for rabbit owners.

Bird Judge retires after many years in front of the show bench
Terry Casey was presented with a plaque from the Australian National Cockatiel Society in recognition of all he has done over the years for the hobby of Cockatiel breeding and showing.

Announcement of Chief Executive Officer of PIAA.
The Pet Industry Association of Australia is pleased to announce that we have had a verbal acceptance of the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Association.

Unprecedented Actions to stop Whaling by Australian Government
Australia charts new course of International Wahle Conservation ; As part of the Government's unprecendented actions to stop commercial whaling, Australia will present a proposal to modernise the Internation Whaling Commission at this week's meeting in London.

Animals in the News Mar 2008
Click to see our collection of interesting animal stories that have made headlines this past week. Topics covered: *Chihuahua dog falls from sky *Cancer survivor seeks repeat win in world,s longest sled dog races *Kitten dumping has reached record levels in Australia *Python Eats Australian family dog in Kuranda *Body Part by Body Part Sumatran Tigers are being sold into extinction *Cat DNA leads back to Ancient times and forward to over 200 genetic disorders *New undescribed species of parasite that infects aquarium fish

Horses return to Sydney Royal Easter Show
Minister for Primary Industries Ian Macdonald and the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) President Rob Vickery announced that Australia,s best horses will be able to compete at the 2008 Sydney Royal Easter Show, despite the outbreak of equine influenza. Minister Macdonald said the Department of Primary Industries has worked around the clock with the (RAS) to ensure the competitions can go ahead.

TNT News
The latest news and information from and about TNT Express in Australia and around the world!

ABS Stand at the Spectacular Petacular
ABS Stand at the Spectacular Petacular Sat 15th and Sun 16th Mar 2008 at the RNA Showground. Great family day!!

Animals in The News
Click to see our collection of interesting animal stories that have made headlines this past week. Topics covered: *Baby Polar Bear Orphan *Smuggled Reptiles *$10,000 Dog Found Close to Death in Stolen Car *Tiger Kills Tormentor *Plastic Bag Ban in Australia a Dilemma for Dog Walking Owners *Bird flu Breakouts with No Explanation Transmitted to Infect People *RSPCA Rescues Horses - 31 found Dead and Decomposing - 111 in Serious Condition *Serious Ecological Threat Posed by Millions of Imported Aquarium Fish into Australia - Report by University of Sydney Professor, Richard Whittington *NSW Premier,s Reading Challenge 2008 - Recommended Books include How to Care for Your Pet Rabbit and Other Animal Related Titles

In Australia With The Looks of a Cheetah
The newest 'must have' cat breed is finally on its way to the cat lovers here in Australia. A Queensland based company, Savannah Cats Australia are introducing the Savannah cat into Australia.

The ASAVA calls for a review of pet food labelling laws
Are you aware of what you're putting into your pet's food bowl? Most of us have no idea what goes into pet food and we don't question the safety of pet food until a visit to the vet with a sick pet.

On Tue, Dec 4 2007 new legislations passed through the Victorian Parliament that will have significant effects on dog breeding. What you need to know about the new legislation on breeding and buying a healthy puppy.

Faithful German Shepherd Sentenced to Death for Defending Owner
Faithful German Shepherd Sentenced to Death for Defending Owner Watch the You Tube video about a German Shepherd on "Death Row" and the family trying to save him with the help of a lawyer who will ask the government for clemency...

Sponsor an Animals Australia Investigator!
Animals Australia calls for donations to fund more investigations into animal abuse in the Middle East. Working on the front-line fighting animal abuse isn,t for everyone but people can help by sending donations.

Shear Magic - The John Allan Story
John Allan is one of the pioneers of the Australian Wool Industry and his shearing exploits are legendary.

Finally! A Good News Story about Equine Influenza!
Once infected properties are now being resolved as the Virus burns out in many areas of the Red Zone.

Equine Influenza Outbreak Figures for Queensland
At 5pm today there were 2108 IPs, an increase of 66 since yesterday. The average number of new IPs per day over the last 5 days has been 42. The Green Zone remains free of reported infection.

Pekingese Club of Victoria Show 2007
We have a great report from the show by Patricia Smith of Queensland. See a great photo of all exhibitors with their beautiful Pekingese dogs.

The RSPCA has welcomed acknowledgement of widespread and serious community concerns about animal welfare in the live export trade.

National Day of Action to End Live Animal Export
On Saturday 10th Nov a National Day of Action against live animal export will be held across Australia.

Rat Chariots and Artificial Dog's legs!
Animal wheelchair inventor nominated for major award for mini-chariots for rats to artificial limbs for dogs!

Wynnum Redlands Budgerigar Club 2008 Show Case Auction
Wynnum Redlands Budgerigar Society is pleased to announce it's Show Case Auction of 2008

QRTSA: Big Boys Self Interest at the Expense of Pets
The Queensland Retail Traders and Shopkeepers Association are considering taking action against Big Wand other leading supermarket chains that appear to have begun the practice of trying to corner the market on healthy pet food.

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