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The Pet Directory is the "Who's Who" of the Pet Industry. You will find an authoritative directory of pet-related products and services for the pet industry and the pet-owning public.

Our content caters for pet owners, breeders, and businesses, related to:

Dogs, cats, birds, fish, small animals - such as guinea pigs, rats and mice, rabbits and ferrets. Also, farm animals - like horses, chickens and other fowl, miniature goats, alpacas, llamas, and sheep - or reptiles, hermit crabs, lizards, snakes, wildlife, and more.

You can find breeders, dog and cat boarding, dog walking and pet minding, and veterinarians, as well as dog, cat, bird and horse trainers. Then there are listings for pet-friendly accommodation, dog off-leash areas, pet shops, aquarium shops, dog groomers and dog grooming equipment. You can also educate yourself with dog grooming classes and other pet-related courses.


Read our articles from Dr Harry, and other pet experts. They share stories, pet tips, and 'how-to's for your favourite pets.

Musings of an Old Vet Read our exclusive article from beloved and renowned Aussie vet, Dr Harry Cooper.

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The Pet Directory blog has a range of pet related information, from general pet care to specific pet care, pet business advice and much more.


Dog Directory

Find dog breeders, suppliers for dog walking accessories, dog clothes, dog grooming equipment, dog runs, dog crates, dog trailers, and other accessories and equipment for dogs. There are also classified ads for sale or adoption of many different canines from registered breeders or animal shelters. You will also find all you need to care for and pamper your new best friend - such as grooming, pet sitting, veterinary services, micro-chipping, containment solutions, food and treats, and so much more.

Cat Directory

Here you will discover all things feline, including cat breeders - directories offering cute kittens and mature cat companions for sale or adoption. Caring for your cat has never been easier with all the services on offer. These include online courses, pet sitting, food and hygiene product suppliers, or a club where you can get together with other cat owners. No matter whether you have a Siamese, Burmese, Balinese, or a kitty with long fur, short fur, or no fur, everything cat related is here.

Bird Directory

Are you looking for a particular breed of bird but don't know where to start? The Pet Directory has listings of bird breeders - for cockatiels, parrots, to parakeets, love birds, pigeons, budgerigars, conures, finches, and more. You can also find aviaries and cages, cage covers, toys, food suppliers, plus information about breed clubs and regulations for keeping exotic birds.

Aquarium Directory

Having a small piece of the ocean complete with sustainably sourced fish can bring peace and tranquility to any room. On our Aquarium page, you can find aquarium fish for sale, tanks, pumps, lights, heaters, filtrations systems and food - everything you need to keep marine life healthy and thriving. Plants and corals added to the mix will make your aquarium into a living piece of art.

Small Animals Directory

A firm favourite with families, or those with limited space, are smaller pets - like rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, and ferrets. Whether you're looking for your first small pet, a suitable hutch or habitat, accessories, food, small animal vet, or an instructional book on their care, the Pet Directory has it.

Farm Animals Directory

Not all pets are kept indoors! If you have the land to spare, you could provide a home for goats, alpacas, donkeys, geese, chickens, cattle, and more. The Pet Directory can help you find the farm animals you're looking for, or put you in touch with breeders' clubs. You will even find stock feed, farm animal supplies, and companies that are able to transport your pets Australia wide.

Horses Directory

It is many a child's dream to own a horse of their own, but it's not something you can keep in your backyard. The Pet Directory lists horse agistment, stables, paddocks, and equestrian centres, where you can home your own horse, or learn to ride one. Equine dentists, vets, farriers, courses about horse care, horse training, saddles, bedding, and rugs, are all just a few of the other things you will discover here.

Reptiles Directory

If you're looking for a unique pet, reptiles remain a popular choice. They are relatively easy to care for, provided you have the right equipment and food - and here at the Pet Directory you can find reptile breeders and suppliers. So, whether it's bearded dragons, frogs, geckos, lizards, snakes, scorpions or spiders that tickle your fancy, you'll find all you need in one place here.

Wildlife Directory

Australia has unique wildlife. You can help ensure they thrive and survive, by connecting with wildlife rescues, sanctuaries and zoos through the Pet Directory. If you're looking for an Australian native pet, some snakes, lizards, frogs and birds may be kept as pets (licences may be required), and you can connect with breeders here on The Pet Directory. You can also learn more about them in our many wildlife articles.

About The Pet Directory

As the largest pet directory in Australia, this is the place to be seen!
The Pet Directory is lightning fast, and has years of authority in the pet industry. This platform has a high domain authority, allowing you to list your business on a reputable platform that is well known to Google. This giant site gives your business a much needed boost and it has everything your pet needs, all in one place!
Pet Owners
The Pet Directory is a one-stop shop where you can either find your ideal pet, or cater to your pet's every need. If you are searching for a dog groomer, vet, pet-sitting service, training class, rare or exotic breed, pet accessories, and so much more - this is where you will locate it.
Pet Breeders
Allow The Pet Directory to amplify your voice on the internet. Our website authority means that pet breeder pages rank very well in the search results. This allows people who are searching for your puppies, kittens, birds, fish, or other pets to connect with you through your listing and classifieds on the Pet Directory.
Pet Businesses
The Pet Directory helps connect pet industry businesses with pet owners. Let people know about events, jobs, services for pets, classified ads, sales of all things pet related, and more. We can also help with website design and maintenance for your pet venture.

Pet Directory Services

Directory Listings Our directory has listings covering everything you could ever need for any pet, large or small. Become part of Australia's largest Pet Directory by listing your service or requirements today. If you have a forever home to offer a pet, you will find one here. These animals and birds - from private owners and sanctuaries - are waiting for you to give them the tender, loving care they deserve. The Pet Directory connects buyers and sellers of all things pet related. From the common to the obscure, you'll find it listed here. Despite our best efforts, sometimes our pets wander, or fly, off and become lost. With reach across all Australia, The Pet Directory helps reunite missing pets with their families. Pet Jobs If you are seeking a job or have a vacancy for a pet-related career - from sales, to veterinarians, to animal carers, and more - you can find or list them here. List your pet event, horse or dog show, meetup, etc on this page, and we will also broadcast it to our community through our FaceBook page! Inform and educate yourself about your pet, by reading our articles on breeding, feeding, lifespans, holistic care, and much, much more. The Pet Directory offers a range of advertising solutions for your pet-related business. Increase your exposure today by selecting one of our packages. The Pet Directory offers Pet Product competitions. Enter a pet competition to win prizes for you and your pets.

Pet Industry Website Design

A quality website will help build your brand and increase your exposure to potential and existing clients. The Pet Directory team can design, renovate, or maintain your business or breeder website.

Put your business in the spotlight with our award-winning web design service. We can help maximise your exposure with a responsive, search engine optimised website.

Whether you want a site built from scratch, or want an existing one updated and maintained, The Pet Directory web design service has you covered. Hit the limelight with one of our award-winning website designs.

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The Pet Directory provides 'add ons' for our advertisers, such as promotion through our FaceBook page, the opportunity to write featured articles for The Pet Directory, professional websites, and technical support for your website.
The Australian Pet Directory - Helping you find pets and pet products and services across Australia. In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, and more.

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