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About The Pet Directory

Welcome, and thank you for visiting PetDirectory.com.au - Australia's iconic pet website.

As the "Who's Who" of the Pet Industry, you will find an authoritative directory of pet-related products and services for the pet industry and the pet-owning public. 

Let's face it, in Australia we love our pets, that's why the Pet Directory has everything your pet needs - all in one place!

What Does The Pet Directory Offer? 

The Pet Directory is the premier destination for pet owners and businesses across Australia. Our story began in 2001 as a paper edition, and we've since adapted to become an online directory, making it easier than ever to connect pet businesses with pet owners.

The aim of The Pet Directory is to serve the pet industry, providing a one-stop shop, where Aussie pet owners, breeders, pet businesses, and services can connect. 

As Australia's largest Pet Directory, the vision to connect pet owners with pet industry businesses has been achieved - and exceeded. So, whether you're searching for your first pet, need a vet, want to advertise or sell pet related services, or anything else associated with pets - you will find it here. 

For over 22 years, our passion and dedication has been to help Australian pet businesses grow. We take pride in connecting businesses with Aussie pet owners who are searching for quality pet services and products. 

In addition to our directory, we also provide valuable pet and animal education to help pet owners make informed decisions about their pets' health and well-being.

At The Pet Directory, we're committed to promoting ethical pet brands and services that prioritise animal welfare. We work tirelessly to ensure that all businesses listed on our platform uphold our high standards of quality and care.

We hope that through our community of pet businesses and pet owners, we can make a positive impact on the Australian pet industry.

Meet The Pet Directory Team

The Pet Directory is not just a website. Behind it is a team of Aussies who are award-winning web designers and dedicated animal lovers! We love our community almost as much as we love our pets. We are committed to connecting animal lovers all over Australia through The Pet Directory.


General Manager & Strategist

SEO & Marketing Manager


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Social Media & Design Manager

Learn More About The Pet Directory

For Pet Breeders and Businesses

As the largest pet directory in Australia, this is the place to be seen!

The Pet Directory is lightning fast, and has years of authority in the pet industry. This platform has a high domain authority, allowing you to list your business on a reputable platform that is well known to Google. 

This giant site gives your business a much needed boost and has everything your pet needs, all in one place!

The exposure Pet Directory offers breeders, businesses, and business owners, can increase the traffic through your door and help boost sales. 

Whether you are a pet shop, a grooming salon, veterinary clinic, aquarium shop, reptile specialist, or breeder - to name but a few - The Pet Directory will work for you.

It could be that you offer services to pet owners, such as boarding, dog walking, pet minding, insurance, or pet-related courses, such as dog training or grooming. 

Whatever your speciality, from large to small animals, being part of The Pet Directory will get you noticed.

For Pet Owners

Having a one-stop shop, where you can either find your ideal pet or cater to your pet's every need, is what the Pet Directory is all about. 

If you are searching for a dog groomer, vet, pet sitting service, training class, rare or exotic breed, and so much more - this is where you will locate it.

You'll find pet breeders, pet businesses and pet services for all types of pets, including:
  • Find a breeder
  • Pet food
  • Pet services and lifestyle
  • Pet products
  • Health, wellness and behaviour
  • Equine services
  • Compliance and legal services
  • B2B wholesale and manufacturing
  • Clubs, rescues and associations

These directory categories apply to a range of pets, including:

Dogs, cats, small animals, birds, aqaurium, horses, farm animals and reptiles.