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Love Monkey

Love Monkey

by Campbell Forcht
Monks in Love & Under Pressure of Intrigue, Equals Fun

Eugenie Ermine is a monkey with savvy, salf-assurance, and the inherent ability to throw a party made for memories. The trouble is, she's so good with her event making business, she's forgotten about making her own happy life.


When a dangerous group of thugs invades Eugenie's Pink-Poodle-themed wedding reception for debutante Tandy Tucker, tragedy happens. The best man is killed and Eugiene thinks she may be next when the evil chimp holds a weapon under her nose and threatens her life too. She makes a vow to herself right then and there: If she manages to live through all this, she will date the first man she sees and takes steps toward getting a great love life of her own filled with romance, desire, and sex as only she can dream it!

The target is Detective Andy Archway. who unfortunately has his own sworn oath - don't mess around in the victim's life!

Eugenie finds out that if you're lucky, sometimes even intractable, pig-headed love matches provide answers - just not the ones you think are coming!

Cover design by Pam Forcht 2007

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