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Pet Book Review


Our Pet Directory Editor has chosen some pet and animal related books for your enjoyment.
Horse Rescue

by Joanne Schoenwald

Horse Rescue is a collection of powerful stories about horses, healing and rescue from horse rescuer Joanne Schoenwald that will touch even the most cynical heart. In Horse Rescue, Joanne Schoenwald and a dozen other rescuers celebrate second-chance horses and the lives they have changed and share what they have learned from their equine companions.

Click here to read more about HORSE RESCUE...

The Drovers

THE DROVERS - Stories behind the heroes of our stock routes
by Evan McHugh

Droving is a part of our folklore and our heritage that is rapidly disappearing. Evan McHugh has applied his meticulous brand of research and vivid eye for detail to document some extraordinary stories about the men and women who have travelled across this sunburnt country behind mobs of cattle, sheep and horses.  These quiet achievers, of every race and creed, forged an Australian legend.

Click here to read more about THE DROVERS..

Organisational Zoo - by Arthur Shelley


Understand the Jackals, Whales, Kids and Rattlesnakes You Work Amongst.

Click here to read more about The Organisational Zoo...

Thanks to all who entered the competition! See the WINNERS here!

Learn to Ride A Young Rider's Guide

Learn to Ride A Young Rider's Guide

Learn how to ride horses with this complete guide...

Click here to read more about Learn to Ride A Young Rider's Guide...

The Best Pet Name Book Ever!

The Best Pet Name Book Ever!

Need help naming your pet? Are you looking for a unique name - an alternative to Fido?
Here's instant inspiration for pet owners who are searching for just the right names for their pet.
This popular guide has been updated to include more than 5000 names for all types of pets...

Click here to read more about The Best Pet Name Book Ever!...

A Healthy Horse The Natural Way


Just as more and more people are embracing a more natural approach to their health and wellbeing, many horse owners are turning to ways they can use natural therapies with their horses.

by Catherine Bird

Click here to read more..

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Erin Murray's Horse Handling
Erin Murray's
Horse Handling

Expert in handling young horses to help them gain trust and grow into reliable riding horses. SPRING RIDGE
NSW 2343
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Thunder Ridge Stud
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