The Pet Directory Cat Articles - Feline AIDS

The Pet Directory Cat Article - Feline Aids

As published in The Pet Directory QLD, NT & WA Edition

This is a virus which has stolen the limelight in recent years. Cats have had it as part of their environment for hundreds of years or so, and seem less affected by it than we are on their behalf.

IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT ON HUMANS, EVEN ILL AND IMMUNOSUPPRESSED ONES – it is just something else cats keep to themselves. Sadly, we can neither help nor hinder the progress of the virus in the cat, but it does seem that most cats can contain the virus for some years before it makes them very ill. About 10% of Sydney cats are infected, and the frequency of their fights with other cats is a fair indicator of their likelihood of getting the virus. It is only transmitted by bites (but one tooth covered with virus-infected saliva is enough to infect a new cat, and as in human AIDS, once is forever). As most Cat fights happen at night this is another good reason for keeping your cat indoors after dark.

By Kim Kendall B.V.Sc., M.A.C.V.Sc.
(feline medicine & animal behaviour)

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