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By Maralyn Hampton - Mountainview Ragdolls
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The Ragdoll Cat was first bred in the early 1960’s in Riverside California USA by Anne Baker. The Ragdoll is described as a semi longhaired cat very large in size, with beautiful dark blue rounded eyes. They have a softly spoken voice with very sweet faces and their temperament is gentle and docile. They enjoy the company of children; they love to be handled and will follow you around like a puppy dog. The Ragdoll cat is bred for beauty and is a purely indoor cat with no hunting or killing skills. They are a very relaxed and floppy cat hence that is why they are called ragdolls.

The Ragdoll takes approximately 4 years to mature, by that time they have grown a large mane around their necks and large knickerbockers in the back legs. Their coats are soft and silky, very low maintenance. Traditional Ragdolls come in the colours of seal and blue and although they can be found in other colours
of lilac chocolate, red & tortie, there are only three patterns, which are colourpoints, bicolours and mitteds. Ragdolls have only been in Australia for approx 12 years and can be found in almost all countries in the world. All Ragdolls can be traced back to the original cat Josephine.

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