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Designed in Australia by Dr. Truda Straede, This only True Blue Aussie Cat was developed by combineing the Domestic Tabby, Burmese and Abyssinain Breeds.

The Domestic cat gives them their Spotted tabby pattern and Healthy Hybri Vigour. From the Burmese, their conformation of Head and eye shape and round muscular body, and soft coat texture and the colours of Brown, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac. And last but not least the Abyssinian, who contributes the Mist Appearance of the coat pattern, Inherited from the Agouti Coat pattern known as Ticking and the colours Gold and Peach.

In 1977 Dr. Truda Straede applies for Permit to Experiment for a “Spotted Mist Foriegn Shorthaired Cat”. By 1986 the first 4 th Generation Litter was born and Acceptance of the Spotted Mist as Full Register and eligible for Championship Status as a Pure Bred Cat was Granted. 2006 will be the 20th Anniversary of the Breed in its own right.

They now come in Two coat patterns Spotted and Marbled, Hence the Name change from Spotted Mist to Australian Mist.Temperment Australian Mists have a fantastic temperment. They are affectioate and gentle, love human companionship (even that of strangers) and areTrustworthy around children. Recommended for most everyone - Families,Singles and the Elderly.

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