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Australian Tiffanie Cats - WHen Only The Best Will Do!

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As published in The Pet Directory QLD, NT & WA Edition

“They are healthy, intelligent, affectionate and playful and are a delightful addition to the family.”

Rascal  (Champion)

Australian Tiffanies inherit their beautiful, darkly-lined green eyes from the Chinchilla Persian whereas the Burmese genes give them their cheeky inquisitive disposition. The coat is soft, silky and semi long with a generously plumed tail. The coat is low to medium care with a brush and comb through needed twice a week to keep it in glorious condition.

Australian Tiffanies are a medium sized cat and come in Silver with Black, Blue, Brown, Chocolate, Lilac and the rare Caramel. The colour can be tipped, shaded or smoke which refers to the amount of colour on the hair shaft.

Tipping is on the end of the coat and is barely visible from the distance, shaded gives the coat a “mantle” of colour and smoke gives the appearance of a solid coloured cat but when the coat is parted there is silver at the roots.

In 2003 Goldens were recognised and are currently available in shaded, we are now developing tipped Goldens.


Magic (Opal Champion)

They are healthy, intelligent, affectionate and playful and are a delightful addition to the family. They are a people cat, like to be part of the family and join in with any activities, particularly if it is an unusual one.

Origins of the long soft coat and the emerald green eyes.
Australian Tiffanies, as the name suggests, were developed in Australia from the Burmilla breeding program. Burmillas originated from the accidental mating of a Chinchilla Persian and a Lilac Burmese. The progeny of this mating were all short coated, that being the dominant gene. From the second generation fluffies can appear. In the UK, breeders mated the fluffies (Long Haired Burmillas) back to the Burmese and called the resulting kittens, Tiffanies.
In Australia breeders decided to go the other way and mated the Long Haired Burmillas back to the Chinchilla Persian and called these stunning kittens Australian Tiffanies.

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