The Pet Directory Small Animal Article - Is It a Slipper?
Is It a Slipper?
By Louise Stephen - Hops’N’Lops Rabbit Stud

What is this? A slipper? A fluffy dog maybe???
Nope, it’s a Bunny Rabbit!

Tingira Park Booker, Smoke Buck
Tingira Park Booker, Smoke Buck, Approx 5 months of age.
English Angora Babies, 2 weeks old, blue in colour
English Angora Babies, 2 weeks old, blue in colour

This is a typical reaction when I take my English Angoras out in public. English Angoras are the clowns of the rabbit world. Their gorgeous fluffy faces and ears make them look like stuffed animals that move. People often mistake them for a puppy dog, or one of those new trendy fluffy slippers!

A good English Angora does not look very much like a bunny, mainly because of the furnishings on their ears and head. Try finding their eyes on a good one, they don’t seem to exist! Some people can’t figure out which is the back and which is the front!
This particular rabbit is very curious and definitely people friendly. They make great house rabbits as long as you are a responsible pet owner, and can litter train your pet.

An English Angora in good condition is one of the most beautiful animals in the world (in my opinion anyway!), a neglected one however, is one of the saddest things I have ever seen…

You can probably tell from the picture that they are a time consuming pet to groom, but worth it, just look at how cute they are! I once hand reared a litter of babies that used to climb up and sit on my shoulder while I walked around!

Their lovely coats can grow in length to approx 10 cm’s so they need to be groomed at least once every two days, they come in different colours too, from White, Blue, Smoke, Agouti, Chincilla etc etc etc.

My Bunnies live in cages that have wire bottoms in them, as their feet are also covered in long wool, and this way, they don’t get too dirty.

“Did you know that
English Angora’s Shed their coat?”

Just like snakes shed their skin, English Angora’s shed their coat when they don’t want it anymore.

I have sold some bunnies to people that want to spin their wool, yes they are used for angora wool jumpers, just like Goats with angora coats.
English Angora’s aren’t for everyone, however, if you have the time and commitment, they will reward you for your efforts by being a very snugly happy bunny, who are very people friendly.

There are four breeds of Angora rabbits: The two oldest breeds of English, French and two newer breeds: Satin and Giant. The English Angora is the smallest & comes in white and a variety of different colours.
English Angora Babies
English Angora “Henry”
English Angora Babies, approx 6 weeks old, Smoke in Colour
English Angora “Henry”
Jessie Lee Skye
Opal Buck kitten
Jessie Lee Skye, REW Doe,
Getting ready for the show table! Owned by Hops’N’Lops Rabbit Stud
Bred by Jessie Lee Rabbits in South Australia, Opal Buck kitten

By Louise Stephen - Hops’N’Lops Rabbit Stud

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