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Pet & Animal Expos, Zoos, Displays & Tours


These events include trade stands, competitions, some feature particular pets such as dogs, cats, birds, aquarium fish, guinea pigs or cavies, rabbits, fancy rats and mice, reptiles, poultry including chooks, ducks, geese and rare breeds, other focus on horses and ponies and riding events.  Some reptile events include wildlife and native fauna and flora.  There is something for every pet lover at a pet expo or show.  Quite often there are breed clubs with their purebred animals and birds on display.  This is the chance to get expert advice from breeders and club members who are their to help promote their breeds. 

Pet and Animal Expos animal attractions including exhibitions, displays, mobile and static displays, zoos, animal sanctuaries & parks, zoos, theme parks, and Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, and other cities pet expos & fests or testivals featuring animals.  From the big EMS Pet and Animal Expos to the smaller council, Rotary or Lions Club local expo.  Some expos are for the pet trade only but most are for the general public to enjoy.

If your expo, animal or bird sanctuary, zoo, theme park, mobile display or national display is not listed here then please feel welcome to add it.  Also check our Events page for details, locations, dates and times. 

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