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Vet Net Supplies:

We are a secure online veterinary pet product supplier located in Brisbane Queensland Australia!

All Aussie orders are covered by Registered Post which offers you compensation for loss or damage of purchased goods.

Our product range include:

- Pet vitamins, minerals, supplements & medications for animal health
- Flea & tick control products for dogs, cats, puppies & kittens
- Heartworm & intestinal worming treatment & prevention pet meds
- Behavioural modifiers, training devices & deterrents
- Aquarium conditioners & additives
- Dental & oral care
- Grooming products including shampoos brushes & combs
- Skin & wound care / treatment
- Houses, kennels, beds, cushions & mats
- Fences, fencing & containment systems
- General Veterinary Supplies

Vet Net Supplies:

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