Guard Dog Training Centre

About Guard Dog Training Centre

Protect your most valuable assets... your business - your home - your family.
The epitome of protection training is right here in Australia.  The Guard Dog Training Centre provide expert advise and training to aspiring guard dogs across Australia.  We train your dog to be an obedient loving pet and a protector of your home.
We breed top quality puppies of working lines for their strong temperament and physical prowess to supply to military, protection and law enforcement agencies both domestically and overseas.
For serious protection capabilities, we sell fully trained guard dogs from our own breeding stock and can supply dogs to suit your needs.

For manstoppers, crowd control, military and police dogs please call our national hotline for a confidential consultation.

Guard Dog Training Centre Contact Details
Phone:1300 309 409
Lot 3 Sixth Road
Berkshire Park
NSW 2765

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