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Fax:(07) 3203 2100
PO Box 1393
QLD 4505
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Premier Pet is a family-owned business which has been established over 30 years

Premier Pet (incorporating Bay Fish) is Australia's leading distributor of live aquarium fish and pet and aquarium products. The core focus of our business is to bring the best Live Fish, as well as Aquatic, Dog, Cat, Bird, Small Animal and Reptile products from around the world to Australian retailers. The genesis of Premier Pet started as Bay Fish wholesaling live fish in South East Queensland in 1978. The business, now known as Premier Pet, has now grown to be one of the largest pet industry distributor in Australia.

Whether your store is the local pet shop or a National chain, Premier Pet and Bay Fish has everything your customer needs to exercise, pamper and care for their pets. We understand that every shop is as unique as its customers, and as such, we pride ourselves on personalised customer service.

Doing business with us
Premier Pet delivers Australia-wide and orders are usually shipped within 24 hours of receipt. For quality products and exceptional service levels, you've come to the right place! We have an Australia's biggest and best range of live aquarium fish as well as some of the worlds leading aquarium and pet accessories ready for our retail shop customers to order.

Our products
Premier Pet is the only distributor in Australia's pet industry and is relatively unique in the world. They combine extensive knowledge of the live animals and the pet products that pet and aquarium shops require. The product categories include Live Fish, Aquatic product, Dog product, Cat product, Bird product, Small animal product as well as Reptile product.

Our brands
Premier Pet is the sole Australian distributor for internationally renowned brands such as EHEIM, JAGER, ARCADIA lighting, HBH fish foods, PRO PAC and Earthborn Holistic dog and cat foods, and TRIXIE pet products. We also have our own brand of Aquatopia aquarium product.

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