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The Tech Den is a Australian progressive business delivering quality aquarium products.

Our aim is to supply the Aquarium hobbyist / breeder products that are easy to use and perform to the highest levels. We have a preference for Australian Made products that make up a large proportion of the products that we supply.

Our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions about the products that we supply in detail for you.

We are passionate about our products that we provide and look forward to hearing from you in relation to your specialised needs or requirements.

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Bristlenose Clay Breeding Cave Small
Schego 600 Watt Heater with Nema Controler
Aquasonic Aqua Boosta
Bristlenose Clay Breeding Cave Small
Simple but effective. Bristlenose Catfish, Pleco, L-Numbers breeding clay cave.
Schego 600 Watt Heater with Nema Controler
Schego 600w Heater with Nema Controller suitable for fresh or saltwater aquariums Aquariums
Aquasonic Aqua Boosta
Aquasonic Aqua Boosta 250ml 4 in 1 Fertiliser, Algae Fix, remove phosphate, ammonia and colour/turbidity
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