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Queensland  Spray Millet provides a healthy, nutritious, pleasantly sweet-smelling product to support your bird’s good health. Queensland Spray Millet is grown on fertile, mineral-rich soil, which produces a nourishing bird food.

Queensland spray millet is handpicked and sun-dried to ensure our customers birds receive a Premium Spray Millet to feast on. It is carefully packed and stored in a controlled environment which enables Allora Downs to keep the spray millet harvest fresh. Birds are very sensitive to what they eat.

Our product is 100% millet. No additives or preservatives, and unlike imported millet which must go through fumigation treatment before being sold in Australia, ours is picked and packed without any further treatments.

Queensland Spray Millet is a superior spray millet that your birds love and thrive on.

Queensland Spary Millet grows both Panorama (Foxtail) millet and French Millet.

Our Panorama comes in 3 different grades:

  • Premium: High quality millet, hand picked & sorted to ensure the best for your pet.
  • Breeders: All the goodness and grain of our premium, but the millet has had some sunburn or wind damage. This product is exceptional value for money.
  • Minis: Small size millet (5"-7" long). great for smaller birds and minimises wastage. Limited stock!
We welcome and appreciate your comments. We believe in total customer satisfaction.
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