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I breed and show Tenterfield Terriers. With breed type health and soundness and excellent temperaments of primary importance in the breeding programme. Puppies are raised in a loving home environment and are well socialised before going to their new homes. This uniquely Ausssie breed are very active small dogs suitable for a family or the elderly. They are Extremely affectionate and not at all snappy. They make great house pets and only need a big backyard to tear around in when the mood strikes. Most of their time is spent as lap dogs if allowed. A characteristic is that they do not develop a doggy odour like most other canines. Tenterfields are noted for being particularly good with children. Their original roll was as vermin destroyers and they are still very keen ratters and mousers. They are a hardy easy care breed not requiring trips to the grooming parlor. Like all Terrier breeds they are easily distracted and have no road sense so should always be walked on a lead.
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